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2006 – my resumé of the past year.

Posted by Exile on December 29, 2006

I got into this blogging business after The Great Motoon Scandal way back in May 2006. My outrage at the Islamic puerility and consequent media coverage that lasted for weeks over something so banal as a cartoon or twelve, promted me to start getting back at the MSM for not telling the whole truth, or even half of it. Since then the Jihad has continued and the MSM has conveniently ignored it.
However, there was some good news along the way and I wondered if we aren’t beginning to turn the tide?
Here’s how I saw the year. The good news:

The Motoons were great. They opened the discussion up and more people are aware of the Islamic threat now than were before. The MSM noise made people think. It polarised the people of Denmark and probably many other countries too.

Obviously we had to celebrate by dancing in the streets when Al bloody Zarqawi got toasted in Iraq. I was in Chicago at the time and bought the bar, including a couple of US marines,a drink on hearing the news.

In Afghanistan, the taleban is getting it’s proverbial ass kicked. It started slowly, but has taken on a gathering momentum, where we are winning the fight despite the MSM pessimism.

Iraq has tumbled into civil war. The coalition casualties there can only be viewed as being collateral damage in what is now an Iraqi conflict being fought by Iraqis and insurgent foreign jihadists. This will continue whether we are there or not. So it may be time to go home and let them have at it for real. No great loss. As long as they are killing each other, they ain’t worried about killing me or mine.

Hezbollah got a thumping in the Lebanon despite the world MSM deciding that Israel was (again) the bad guy and that all things Israeli are bad. The misinformation by the Arab photoshoppers at AP/Reuters was exposed for all the world to see and that has damaged the information war for them. Lebanon is probably heading for another of its own civil wars, backed by Syria and Iran on the one side and the Lebanese government on the other. This will distract both Damascus and Tehran. It will allow Israel to concentrate on securing its borders.

No major attacks were carried out in the West in 2006. OK, the London bombings were atrocious, but the two big plots concerning the airways and the channel tunnel were foiled and made public. How many lives were saved there? We’ll never know. It increases my confidence in our intelligence operations.

To round the year off, the Islamists in Somalia are being hammered back into the stone age from whence they came, thanks to the Ethiopians with a little help from Washington. This will give the Jihadis an uncomfortable choice in the future. Do they concentrate on Somalia or Iraq?

And finally, Saddam Hussein gets to dangle and do the dance macabre at the end of a rope. Well, barring intervention from all the do-gooders and whiners, but maybe I should wait until I see the video of Saddam swinging on the end of ten feet of hemp rope, his pants full of crap and his sandals soaked in his own urine before I break out the fifteen year old single malt. But here’s hoping….

All in all, not bad. I’m sure there were other minor victories, but these stand out in my mind as I sit here and type. Anyone feeling the need to celebrate their own memories of successes in 2006 are welcome to comment.

Here’s looking forward to 2007 and the continuing defeat of evil Islamic forces.

Happy New Year to all you anti-jihadists.


2 Responses to “2006 – my resumé of the past year.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    Amen to all of the above ! – And a happy new year to you, Exile.

  2. shoprat said

    The news is better than they will ever admit.

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