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It is the Year of the Pig.

Posted by Exile on January 29, 2007

So just to help the ones amongst us who may be offended by images of pigs…
cop for this!

Pigs doing what pigs do best.
Makin’ bacon!

Chinese readers take note.. You won’t be seeing any of this on the TV. Your government has deemed these images too sensitive for the muslim population in China.
Shame, really. To allow something like that to ruin your festivities. Oh well, better luck in the Year of the Dog or the Year of the Monkey.

Oh, but then again….!!

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We’re all in a minority group somewhere.

Posted by Exile on January 29, 2007

We have quite a few minority groups in Denmark. I suppose I belong to one of them, if not two. I’m an ex-patriat Brit, that’s one, I smoke a pipe, that’s two, and I daresay I could find a couple of other groups I could belong to. However, I still belong to what is called the majority, whatever that may be. Majorities and minorities are what you make them. We can all find something that puts us in a minority group somewhere, and in a majority somewhere else.
Some people have decidedly put themselves in groups because of their religious beliefs or behaviour and identify themselves strongly by their convictions. This apparently singles them out for ridicule or direct attacks by those not belonging to their particular group. Two of these “minorities” are experiencing growing violence directed at them.
I am talking about the nationwide organisation for Gays and Lesbians and the Jewish community. Being a gay Jew then, must be doubly difficult and requires yet another minority group to be identified.

Strangely enough, the average Dane is totally indifferent to one’s beliefs or sexual orientation, unless you are pædophile or outwardly totally satanic, so I wonder where all this rising victimisation is coming from. As if I didn’t know.
I may be a bit wary of our Minister for Justice, Lene Espersen. I do not like her stance on the SIAD affair and I am prepared to take her to task on that. She is, however, aware of the growing problems concerning the gay and Jewish sections of our society and is, to all intents and purposes, prepared to do something about that.
About time too.
There is only one section of the population of this country that would single these two minority groups out for hostile purposes. Another minority group.
The muslims.
Maybe SIAD and Lene Espersen have some common ground here. Perhaps I should propose an unholy alliance between the four. Lene Espersen, Siad, the gays and the Jews.

Now that would indeed be a minority group for which membership requires some pretty special credentials!

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Teaching PC at School. The Beginning of The End.

Posted by Exile on January 28, 2007

I couldn’t resist this. A comment in The Times of London by Rod Liddle.
It speaks volumes!

Good morning, class – today’s lesson is on diversity brainwashing.
Rod Liddle.

An English teacher of mine once devoted an entire lesson to expounding his fervently held thesis that Pakistanis were devious, smelt bad and should be kicked out of the country. As none of us liked this particular teacher, thinking him a lazy oaf, we naturally assumed that precisely the reverse was true, and resolved to make friends with the first Pakistanis we came across.
This was an excellent example of political propaganda in the classroom falling at the first hurdle. Thirty years later, I hope today’s kids react with similar perverse disdain when subjected to the government’s attempts to wash their brains. They should do what we did: snigger, heckle, make obscene up-and-down gestures with their hands to the teacher and then forget it the moment the bell sounds.

A paper commissioned by Alan Johnson, the education secretary, has recommended children be taught the immense benefits of multiculturalism and diversity in every subject they study. The paper, written by some superannuated educational panjandrum called Sir Keith Ajegbo, suggests, for example, that during maths lessons children should be told that Muslims invented nothing. By which I mean that they invented the concept of zero. So when a quadratic equation resolves to zero, the kids should be reminded that, in effect, Allah (PBUH) provided us with this wonderful conclusion.

In history the kids should be told that they’re all from immigrant communities, and in English classes study literature that explores “experiences of migration”, such as tedious stuff by Zadie Smith and Monica Ali (but I expect not by VS Naipaul. I wonder why that is?). In citizenship classes, compulsory since 2002, the children will be taught about Britain’s appalling imperialism and connivance in the slave trade — but not, one suspects, Africa’s longer-standing connivance in the slave trade, or, indeed, its appalling record of self-governance.

At every point kids are to be instructed in the benefits of immigration and multiculturalism — of which there have indeed been a great many. But not the deficits, of which arguably there have also been many. There is a clear political line and the children will not be allowed to deviate from it. They will be judged not by their understanding of acquired knowledge, but by their attitudes — their conformity to a contentious political opinion held by the secretary of state for education and Sir Keith Ajegbo, whoever the hell he is.

There will not even be an optional module to consider the controversial proposition that Ajegbo is a self-serving, politically motivated idiot whose views about the national curriculum should be scrunched up and thrown in the wastepaper bin. Instead of being taken seriously and rammed down the throat of every child in the country.

I couldn’t possibly have said it better than he did! Mr. Liddle, Sir, I raise my hat in awe and appreciation! I am humbled in your presence.

This simply cannot compare with the British grammar school education that I was forced to endure. It was British to the core. We did no wrong, we were the start and end of all goodness and progress. We led the world.

I propose a registered stamp for the education system. It should be easily found on the front cover of every book in the school.
Here it is:

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Update from SIAD.

Posted by Exile on January 28, 2007

This is a copy of a comment from Georg Hansen, from SIAD. It was posted as a comment to my blog highlighting the denial by the Minister for justice here in Denmark of SIAD’s planned protest in Copenhagen. Since then I have been holding an eye on developments so this is a golden opportunity to follow up. SIAD is now having problems finding a suitable locale for holding nothing more than a simple meeting.
I make no apology for the copy and paste but I believe that this comment will go unnoticed if I don’t front page it on the blog here. So here we have it, an update direct from SIAD. I have taken the liberty of cleaning up a few minor grammatical errors, but otherwise it is as written. My thanks to Georg.

Georg Hansen said…

Update from SIAD.
Today (Saturday 27. January) we had planned a follow up to our meeting (near Copenhagen) that was attacked by left-wing extremists two weeks ago. We had booked the same municipal venue but on Thursday we received at call from the manager of the place, who announced that he had received threats of such gravity that he was forced to cancel our reservation. Even the expressed confirmation from the police that they would do their duty and protect the meeting was not enough to persuade the manager, that no harm would come to either building or inventory.
Hence – with less than two days to reorganise, we weren’t able to find other accommodation and were forced to cancel the meeting.

This is apparently what Denmark has come to. All that the henchmen of the Islamists need to do is a bit of sword-rattling to scare of both civilians, municipal officers and the law.

We will of course strike back to the best of our abilities. But when it comes to the means of action, we have a big disadvantage over our opponents: We have to adhere to the law; they apparently don’t.

If nothing else – this is a blunt admission of failure on the part of our government, especially the minister of justice, who – as head of the police – seems to be unable to uphold the constitution that she was sworn in on.

Since our appeals (read demands) of adherence to law and constitution are not sinking in, we ring out an appeal to all the free world, to give our minister of justice Lene Espersen a wake up call. Let her know about her infringement of the law and remind her, that she was sworn in to uphold the constitution.

As a reaction on the events of January 13 where our peaceful political meeting was scattered by bottle throwing anarchists, we decided to file an official report over the justice department and the head of local police in Copenhagen to the chief of the national law enforcement. Our claim is that due to lack of political will they have failed to secure our right of free speech and assembly.
This is both a dereliction of duty and a clear infringement of the constitution.

In the light of these events we completely concur in the notion, that international cooperation is needed to fight the bad seeds of Islam which are now so deeply rooted in the soft political ground of Europe, that all democratic powers of the free world will have to pull together to uproot this pest of modern society.
Regarding our homepage on http://www.SIAD.dk
As has been noted the text is entirely in Danish. To serve our international friends and associations we are in the process of writing an introductory text in English. It will be up as soon as possible. Check in with us now and then.

Yes. Please do check in with them and help the fight for freedom. 910, you’re in the loop.

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Chicken Little Strikes Again!

Posted by Exile on January 26, 2007

It’s not often that strange things appear in the night sky on both sides of the Atlantic, but the last few nights have produced some wierd reports of blueish green lights streaking across the atmosphere above both Wales and America. Before you grab your survival kit and head for the hills while screaming “The martians are coming”, perhaps we can investigate this further from the comfort of our own computer screens. First, the reports.
This one from the BBC, complete with a picture of the mystery object doing it’s thing…

Mystery light seen across Wales.

Witnesses said the light lasted for several seconds
A flashing light reported “streaking” through the skies across much of Wales at breakfast time could have been a meteor, an expert believes.
The light was first seen at 0730 GMT, with one eyewitness describing it as a “long line, thicker at one end, bluey-green and flashing”.

And now from Worldnetdaily, unfortunately, no pictures:

What Was That? Strange Lights In Upstate Skies.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — It’s the talk of the town and beyond.

On radio, on television and by Internet from across the country, the question of the day has been: So what was that strange light in the sky last night?
Hundreds of folks across the region called and e-mailed media outlets and the National Weather Service to report to report streaks of blue or blue-green light in the night sky Wednesday at about 8:15 p.m.

Note the difference in the reporting. The BBC merely says “Witnesses..”. The WND says “Hundreds of folks..” (Sorry, digressing again.)

What could this be? I have, of course, a few well thought out proposals:

Maybe, some new kind of slow, environmentally friendly transatlantic air travel that we haven’t really heard about yet?
Is it, perhaps, an islamic doodlebug gone mad? (The green colour, you know.)
A message from God?
A message from Allah?
A message from someone else, other than a deity?
A “support the greenies” stunt?
Elvis returning? (I heard it from a seemingly deranged “prophet” in Memphis..! And I wasn’t even near Graceland.)

All these things are possible. Well, nearly possible. With the exception of Elvis. He isn’t gonna come back. Really. Sorry.

I wonder though. Could it possibly have anything to do with a certain chinese missile that blew up a redundant satellite last week and filled the headlines for two days or so…?


Definitely martians.

Head for the hills. We’re screwed!

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Palestinian, anyone?

Posted by Exile on January 25, 2007

No thanks, we’ve already got one, and we don’t want any more.

Oh, those “poor Palestinians”. It seems nobody is fond of them. Not even their arab brothers. At least, not if we are to believe the latest reports from the UN in Iraq.

24 January 2007 – The United Nations refugee agency today called on the international community to aid Palestinians living in Iraq after 90 panic-stricken men, women and children fled Baghdad, reportedly headed on two rented buses towards the Syrian border, following an increasing spate of attacks and harassment.

“Of all the groups being targeted in Iraq, the Palestinians are the most vulnerable as they literally have nowhere else to flee, and in many cases have been denied travel documents,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) senior Iraq operations manager Andrew Harper said in Geneva. “The international community must act now to help these people. A safe haven needs to be found immediately, outside Iraq.”

Oh. So they are not wanted in Iraq. Er.. what about the Palestinian territories? Isn’t that a safe haven for Palestinians? Or Iran? Oh well, maybe not, so who is with them? Syria would be a likely candidate. They are always defending the “poor palestinians”. Aren’t they?

Last April, Syria allowed a group of 287 Palestinians into the country, but has since turned back more than 500 other Palestinians who fled Baghdad because of harassment and attacks, or after relatives had been killed. Those who try to leave cannot get proper documents.

OK. Try again. There are certainly other pro-palestinian arab states that will take the “poor palestinians”, aren’t there?

Despite assistance from UNHCR, ICRC and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Palestinians have been living in extremely difficult conditions at the border sites. UNHCR has tried, to no avail, to secure them entry into Jordan and Syria, return them to the Palestinian territories with Israel’s permission, help in relocation to other Arab States or assist in resettlement outside the region.

It’s not easy, apparently, being a palestinian in the middle east, surrounded by your arab friends, defenders and benefactors.

Well, it made me think…

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"I found it, I keep it..!

Posted by Exile on January 23, 2007

The people of the West Country in England are reknowned as being a bit more laid back than most in the land. This is probably due to the glorious landscape they live in. From the cliffs along the northern coast of Cornwall to the “British Riviera” along the southern coast of Devon and Dorset and up again to the rolling Mendip Hills of Somerset. With drawling language, genuine friendliness, a love of cider and good cheese and a long tradition of agricultural labour, these people tend to take life as it comes and are generally content with it.
Throughout history, they have also gained a reputation as being opportunists. Especially in Cornwall. Living in what is probably the poorest part of the country, these hard people will make use of everything. The tradition goes back a long way. Occasionally in the past, they have created quite a few “opportunities”. I refer to “The Wreckers”. Knowing that ships had to pass the rocky coasts, they would wait for stormy weather and then go to the shoreline and light beacons. This would attract unwary seamen like moths to flames and lead ships onto the rocks that surround the coast causing them to run aground and break up. The wreck would then be plundered. A profitable, albeit risky, sideline that went hand in hand with smuggling and apparently still continues to this day. Though, notably, without the beacons. Today they rely on faulty GPS!

I am of course referring to the good ship MSC Napoli, which floundered off the eastern Devonshire coast last week. Carrying containers, she is slowly breaking up and depositing her expensive cargo into the sea and this is beaching near Sidmouth. Crowds of people have stormed the beaches, opened the containers and made off with the booty. The official wreck receiver and the police have now got a real problem on their hands and are trying to close the beach to thwart the would-be looters. The age old game of pinching without being pinched!

I found this interesting little website explaining a little of how this wrecking became something of a lucrative tradition. An excerpt follows:

All Cornishmen at one time were supposed to be ‘wreckers’, or to take advantage of the many shipwrecks which occurred of Cornwall’s coast. There used to be the proverb “‘Tis a bad wind that blows no good to Cornwall.” Apparently, the dwellers of St. Germoe and St. Breage had a particular reputation along these lines from the following:

“God keep us from rocks and shelving sands
and save us from Breage and Germoe men’s hands.”

There is also a probably apocryphal anecdote about a Cornish clergyman who was delivering the Sunday sermon when someone opened the church doors and shouted, “A wreck! A wreck!”. The clergyman leaped from his pulpit and barred the door,begging the congregation to give him time to remove his gown so that he might get a fair start.

The authors of “Cornish Shipwrecks” quote a variation of the above:

“From Wicked Rocks and Shelving Sands,
From Breague and Germoe men’s hands,
Dear Lord deliver Us.”

Hard to say who is right and who is wrong. Having been brought up in the area, I am a little inclined toward the “finders – keepers” way of life that has supported these people for centuries. Salvage is still salvage. However, modernity is upon us and we must accept that the world is now more closely meshed than it was in the seventeenth century and that we are all affected by what is called international law. Finders can no longer be keepers…

…even if you are a good Cornwalian. Or in my case, a good West Countryman.

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The January 2007 Bullshit Award.

Posted by Exile on January 21, 2007

And the winner is: Channel 4’s “Big Brother”.

(Unless I find something more worthy next week…!)

I find it hard to believe, that the UK is going bananas over a banal and somewhat amateurish TV programme. Surfing round the various media channels and newspaper websites, the headlines are filled with the expulsion of some nonentity from a make believe house in a “reality” show.
The inmates participants have had a bit of tiff, and one of them has played the racist card. That she is a bollywood star is one thing, but no-one is allowed to be that petty, even if they are pretty and called called Shetty.

(BTW; does that rhyme with petty, or pretty..?)

Anyhow, everyone from the Archbishop of York to publicity starved politicians are up on their high horses, ranting on about racism and ignorance. The Indian government is involved because they feel victimised, again, and some 30,000 people have complained to the TV station on behalf of the “victim”. They are invoking everyone from Martin Luther King to Muhatma Gandhi and God and expressing everything from shock to sickness and diahorrea.
The TV channel management has been chastised for not intervening. I thought that was the point of the show. They don’t intervene. (Yeah, right.)
To see how far the madness has gone, one only has to read the following comments found on BBC’s website:

UK Chancellor Gordon Brown:
“I understand that in the UK there have already been 10,000 complaints from viewers about these remarks, which people see, rightly, as offensive. “I want Britain to be seen as a country of fairness and tolerance. Anything detracting from this I condemn.”Indian Minister for External Affairs Anand Sharma:
”It has caused indignation, it is most unfortunate, and any kind of racism – or racist slur – is unacceptable in any civilised society.”

UK Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell:
“I think this is racism being presented as entertainment, and I think it is disgusting. My personal view is that this has caused enormous offence not only abroad but to the Indian community here.”

Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt in Mumbai’s DNA newspaper:
“I believe no-one can insult you without your permission. Shilpa Shetty has paid the price for trying to desperately seek the approval of the West. It is pathetic how we can go on bended knees and lick the boots of Westerners in an effort to be part of their world.”

Carphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone (Sponsor):
“Our concern has rapidly mounted about the broadcast behaviour of individuals within the Big Brother house. We are totally against all forms of racism and bullying and indeed this behaviour is entirely at odds with the brand values of The Carphone Warehouse. As a result, we feel that as long as this continues, we are unable to associate our brand with the programme.”

Education Secretary, Alan Johnson:
“Schools should do more to teach core British values in light of the furore over Celebrity Big Brother”.

Chairman of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Trevor Phillips.
“Channel 4 must admit it had got it wrong”.

Channel 4 chief executive Andy Duncan:
“The debate has been heated, the viewing has at times been uncomfortable but, in my view, it is unquestionably a good thing that the programme has raised these issues and provoked such a debate. These attitudes, however distasteful, do persist – we need to confront that truth.

Oh, boo-hoo. Excuse me as I wipe the tear from my blurry eye. For heavens sake people. Get a life. Get real. These reality shows have nothing to do with reality. Not even close. And even if they did, they are, despite everything else, only for your entertainment. Schooled, timed, arranged and coached. No-one can convince me that there isn’t someone behind the scenes pulling the damn strings. They are not making deeper social or political comment. They are meaningless. This has more to do with TV ratings than social discord.

Get over it, grow up and spare us the BS.

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Another one bites the dust.

Posted by Exile on January 21, 2007



Up to $5 Million Reward
Date of birth: March 3, 1975
Place of birth: Tabuk, Isabela Island
Height: Approximately 5′ 4″
Weight: Approximately 120 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Sex: Male
Characteristics: Slight build. May have chin hair and slight mustache.
Aliases: Khadafi Montanio, Abu Mochtar (“The good-hearted”), “Daf”, Omar Bin Salik
Affiliation: Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
Personality: Quiet and reserved; indecisive and thought to have elevated opinion of his abilities.

Khadafi Janjalani has warrants out for his arrest for one count of murder, one count of armed robbery, and ten counts of kidnapping.

Wanted as leader of ASG terrorist organization and indicted for conspiracy to kidnap and murder United States citizens and military personnel; conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, damaging and destroying government properties and defense facilities; and providing material support to terrorist organizations.

Now officially dead.

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Five terror suspects to leave UK.

Posted by Exile on January 20, 2007

This is a direct copy and paste from a BBC article:

Five Algerian terror suspects detained in Britain have voluntarily agreed to be deported, the BBC has learned. The men are part of a group of 27 foreigners held over fears they are a threat to national security.
Some of the men, who cannot be named due to a court order, have been held without trial for more than four years.
In 2004 their detention under anti-terror legislation was deemed unlawful but they were then held under immigration law.
The five men are all suspected terrorists and some are believed to have connections to radical Algerian terror cells.
The first of the five to be deported is expected to leave this morning.
Human rights campaigners say the men, who cannot be named because of a court order, will face torture on their return. This has been denied by Algeria. The British government, meanwhile, says it has assurances that the men will not be mistreated. Lawyers for the men said they could no longer bear indefinite detention and felt their only option was to agree to go back home.


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