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I would suggest hanging him, M´lud.

Posted by Exile on January 3, 2007

Though they probably won’t…!

It was nice to read in the Times that the UK is exacting some kind of retaliation on the Islamists. Almost a year ago, London was the scene for some pretty disgraceful Jihadi outpourings over the Motoons. One of the most vociferous among the islamist provocateurs has now come to trial for his racially and religiously prejudiced “hate speech”. (To use the preferred vernacular of the MSM!)

Muslim on racial hatred charges.

A Muslim protester called for the bombing of Denmark and the United States during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Umran Javed is accused of soliciting to murder unbelievers and Danes and Americans, and of inciting racial hatred, in a speech outside the Danish Embassy in Central London in February last year.

So, this man wants to murder me, and others like me, because we don’t support his view of the world. I take the threat seriously. Because he is only one of about 1,5 billion others who wish me the same fate. I hope the Old Bailey is going to come down hard on this one.
Although having been criticised for not taking any action on the day, the police have said that they used video footage from the demonstration to build a case against this would-be jihadi murderer. Personally, I can see the logic in this. It’s like letting the cat have just enough rope to hang himself. Now the police have done their job, I only hope the public prosecutor and the judge can do theirs.
What did this creep say? Well, here it is:

‘My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to understand why we are here today. To declare that we will not stand for what Denmark did . . . We will not stand for what France, for what Europe, for what the whole of the disbelievers and the Western world are united for.

You have declared war against Allah and his messenger. You have declared war against the Muslim community, for which you will pay a heavy price. Take lesson of Theo van Gogh. Take lesson of the Jews of Khaybar. Take lessons for what you can see, for you will pay with your blood. Denmark, you will pay. Denmark, you will pay, you will pay. With your blood, with your blood, with your blood. Bomb, bomb Denmark. Jihad is the path of God.

Democracy, hypocrisy. Democracy go to hell. Denmark go to hell. Freedom go to hell. Bomb, bomb Denmark. Denmark watch your back. Zarqawi is coming back. Bomb, bomb USA. Bomb, bomb Denmark’

Now, I need to digress here for a moment, so bear with me. I’m a little confused.

If he said this in February last year, Zarqawi was still alive. We killed Zarqawi in June. Four months later. So what is this reference to Zarqawi “coming back”? From where? Had he been on holiday? Out to lunch? A trip to the magic grotto? Maybe Zarqawi was a frequent flyer between Iraq and the UK and was presently “down there”?
Maybe it’s another Zarqawi. (Have we killed two Zarqawi’s?)
Or did this guy know something we didn’t?
Sorry. Just wondering.

Ending digression now.

Back to my original train of thought…

I hope the UK is under a little pressure from both the US and Denmark to see this man put well and truly behind bars for a very long time.
And by the way, Mr. Umran Javed, Zarqawi is not coming back. He is dead and rotting in Hell.
Hell is forever.

And we sent him there.

Read the whole article here: The Times.


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