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Danish imams. ..not "traitors".

Posted by Exile on January 10, 2007

But I can’t see the difference.

Not Denmarks finest day. In fact I think it is probably one of the worst. The public prosecutor has dropped the case against the imams that went to all points middle-east and spread anti Danish propaganda after the publishing of the Motoons. The subsequent rioting and burning of Danish embassies is all too well documented to expand on here. The imams were being investigated on charges of treason, amongst other things, for travelling to the middle east with their case files full of the Motoons and a few home grown drawings too.
But according to the PP, the imams did nothing wrong or illegal. I can’t get to grips with that. And it opens the door to further islamic activity directed against this country by people living in this country. What’s more, the imams are already saying that they will repeat the procedure if they feel the need so to do. They are untouchable now.
Politiken, a leading Danish newspaper, has reported on the decision not to prosecute and published the response from the Society of Islamic Faith.
From that article, here’s what the islamic mouthpiece, Kasem Said Ahmad, had to say:

“We are very pleased with this decision. Anything else would have been a catastrophe for the imams and their image in Denmark. There is nothing concrete against the imams, but unfortunately their reputation has already suffered some damage.
We can only be wiser and admit, that insults do not solve problems. We would appeal to politicians and others to use insults such as traitor with more care in the future.”
” Yes, of course we would do it again but we would be more cautious with the information, so that it is absolutely precise and clear. Possibly, we would publish the material before leaving.
We believed that a boycott of Danish goods was illegal. We would not oppose a boycott in the future.”

There are still more legal battles to fight in this case. Jyllands Posten are facing charges of blasphemy and slander and Pia Kjærsgaard from the Danish Peoples Party is facing charges for describing the imams as traitors. And I agree with her.

Why do I get the feeling, that the greatest traitor in all of this is the Public Prosecutor?


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