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Danish resistance denied.

Posted by Exile on January 13, 2007

Once in a while I stumble onto information that I find deeply fascinating and relevant. And occasionally I find something deeply unfair and undemocratic.
I have done so today.

There is an organisation here in little Denmark that is apparently not allowed to demonstrate peacefully and freely on the streets of Denmark. This organisation is made up of ordinary Danes with a peaceful and democratic message to all, but the Danish Minister for Justice, Lene Espersen, is denying them the right to publicly, and peacefully, go out and demonstrate by forbidding them to demonstrate because she fears for public order. Not from the demonstators, but from their critics.
Violent critics.
She fears the demonstration would cause public disorder because these peacable demonstrators would be attacked by their opponents.

The organisation is called SIAD. Which freely translates into English as “Stop the Islamification of Denmark”.

I find it strange, that Hamas, Hezbollah and any other Islamic group can freely demonstrate in the middle of Copenhagen, waving their terrorist flags and carrying their hateful banners, burning our flag and inciting to murder unopposed, while a home grown grass roots movement that opposes the islamification of their own society is banned from the same right to protest. Has Denmark gone mad? No. Only the politicians, especially Lene Espersen.

Our democracy has to be protected. It has to be defended. The politicians will not do this for us. Their main interest is to stay where they are for as long as possible and not make waves big enough to threaten their huge income or their beloved portfolios. To hell with principles. This is about money and power. And we wouldn’t want the ordinary man on the street to find out that he is being slowly and surely sold down the river by political indifference.

I would point out, that if they allow the islamists to eventually overrun this land, they will be equally out of a job as most of the rest of us. Unless they convert to Islam.

Perhaps the 910 group would chime in on this and bring some international pressure to bear on the Minister for Justice to allow these brave Danes their right to free protest? A thousand e-mails from outside the border might make them sit up and take notice. In the mean time, I will join this band of democratic champions and do my bit here.
There is a limited amount of information available on SAID’s website. I suggest one take a look. The site is in Danish.
The Ministry for Justice, and thereby Lene Espersen, can be contacted by e-mail at jm@jm.dk
Drop them a line, asking why they denied SIAD their democratic right.


4 Responses to “Danish resistance denied.”

  1. VSK said

    OK, Exile. Good idea. Let’s see what we can do …

  2. VSK said

    Here is a horrible english translation (automatically done) if some of the SIAD site: Exile, please feel free to delete it, or someone; a better translation may help us to know more about the situation.

    Meanwhile, we have an announcement up in the 910 Forum, I’ll blog on it as soon as I can get more info, and I have written to the Ministry of Justice, asking them to please explain their decision.

    (Danes, help translate!)

    We’ll arrange a new demonstration as soon as possible.

    This time without notifying on it the police.

    We’ll turn up unannouncedly and complete our demonstration that we did in Gellerup when we got no to demonstrate there.


    on Dec. 16th we completed our first Forlang- => din_N-country-to-behinds demonstration, which was sent TV2 nationally.

    Interested it wish to participate can contact us.

    The Minister of Justice’s answer for Peter Skaarup – and SIAD’s answers for The Minister of Justice Justitsministeren §79 in Grundloven acknowledges, but invokes oneself emergency right because the government cannot manage the people, they have invited into the country..

    About Justitsmin.

    answer If they declare emergency-retstilstand it’s well first to be treated by The Danish Parliaments and courts, where one defines who the emergency right deals with.

    Is it all the country or there is it did areas decide?

    Is it all Danes who are dealt with by the law or there is it did decide organisations?

    Which period which period the emergency right in is valid it indeterminately or is it limited?

  3. Aeneas said

    As a UK citizen, I am alarmed that a fellow EU member state is preventing the right to freedom of expression in this way. I am concerned by the apparent policy of appeasement that seems to be at the centre of the Danish Government’s strategy to deal with this issue.

    I have therefore written to the Danish Minister of Justice to expression my concerns.

    Freedom of expression lies at the centre of democracy in the EU. If governments of EU member states act to prevent this right then, in my view, they are acting as instruments of tyranny.

  4. Georg Hansen said

    Update from SIAD
    Today (Saturday 27. January) we had planned a follow up to our meeting (near Copenhagen) that was attacked by left-wing extremists two weeks ago. We had booked the same municipal venue but on Thursday we received at call from the manager of the place, who announced that he had received threats of such gravity that he was forced to cancel our reservation. Even the expressed confirmation from the police that they would do their duty and protect the meeting was not enough to persuade the manager, that no harm would come to either building or inventory.
    Hence – with less than two days to reorganise, we weren’t able to find other accommodation and were forced to cancel the meeting.

    This is apparently what Denmark has come to. All that the henchmen of the Islamists need to do is a bit of sword-rattling to scare of both civilians, municipal officers and the law.

    We will of course strike back to the best of our abilities. But when it comes to the means of action, we have a big disadvantage over our opponents: We have to adhere to the law; they apparently don’t.

    If nothing else – this is a blunt admission of failure on the part of our government, especially the minister of justice, who – as head of the police – seems to be unable to uphold the constitution that she was sworn in on.

    Since our appeals (read demands) of adherence to law and constitution are not sinking in, we ring out an appeal to all the free world, to give our minister of justice Lene Espersen a wake up call. Let her know about her infringement of the law and remind her, that she was sworn in to uphold the constitution.

    As a reaction on the events of January 13 where our peaceful political meeting was scattered by bottle throwing anarchists, we decided to file an official report over the justice department and the head of local police in Copenhagen to the chief of the national law enforcement. Our claim is that due to lack of political will they have failed to secure our right of free speech and assembly.
    This is both a dereliction of duty and a clear infringement of the constitution.

    In the light of these events we completely concur in the notion, that international corporation is needed to fight the bad seeds of Islam which is now so deeply rooted in the soft political ground of Europe, that all democratic powers of the free world will have to pull together to uproot this pest of modern society.
    Regarding our homepage on http://www.SIAD.dk
    As has been noted the text is entirely in Danish. To serve our international friends and associations we are in the process of writing an introductory text in English. It will be up as soon as possible. Check in with us now and then.

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