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SIAD meeting attacked.

Posted by Exile on January 14, 2007

Strange how you sometimes find that more is moving than you think. Until yesterday I had not been aware of the Danish resistance movement SIAD but they are in the news again today. This time because they decided to hold a political meeting in Valby, a Copenhagen suburb. Apparently this was too much for some of the local bully boys. I wonder, because it isn’t mentioned in any of the reports I could find, who would be most interested in stopping this organisation? Information is scarce. The MSM in DK obviously doesn’t want the public to know about SIAD. However I found this from TV2.dk
(My translation).

A political meeting held by the Danish organisation “Stop Islamificering af Danmark” (SIAD) was given a dramatic ending yesterday when 8 hooded youths attacked the participants, according to the police.
The hooded youths forced their entry to the meeting and, according to one member of the society, shouted “You will die, pigs”, before throwing a bottle.
Several of the participants followed the youths out to the door where a lot of pushing and shoving went on and more bottles were thrown. 2 of the participants were slightly injured but were treated on the spot.

After the attack the youths ran off and changed clothes in a nearby doorway, before leaving the area.

Let’s get a few things clear here. SIAD is not a neo-nazi party. They are not racially motivated. They will not tolerate extremist attitudes. They simply want to ensure that Denmark remains what it is. A free democratic society and homeland for the Danes.
Strangely, the government, or rather the minister for justice, will not allow them to demonstrate publicly. See my blog below. The present government is oriented to the right of Danish politics. Are they not aware, that SIAD is probably one of their supporters?

Do I spy political capitulation here?

By the way, the 910 group is getting involved now. My thanks to them. I feel that SIAD is going to need some support.


2 Responses to “SIAD meeting attacked.”

  1. VSK said

    Hello again, Exile —
    Thanks for the update. I’ll be contacting SIAD today; 910 is continuing to accelerate the attention.
    standing united!

  2. Yorkshireminer said

    Dear Exile,
    The only thing this is going to do is that the real Dane is going to go into the woodshed and start sandpapering the rust off of the family battle axe that he has been using to chop wood with for the last thousand years. Denmark had a shock last year, but they stood the test. The whole islamtic world attacked them they stood alone. George Bush did phone Fogh, but that was private. There was never any public support from the rest of the world. Do you seriously think that the Danes after that, will allow anybody to fuck around with their constitution. The Danish Constitution 1849, I think I have got the date right is one of the things that defines being a Dane. I understand you worries but, it is beyond my comprehension that Thor Larsen or a Pia Vestergaard or anybody else with a good Danish name is going to accept a curtailment of their constitutional rights just to satisfy a bunch of camel jockeys. I personally lived in Denmark for many years, I am ashamedly pro Danish, my daughter is Danish and my Grandson, and I am proud of it. We British have a more difficult task we don’t even have a constitution to defend, but even there the indigenous Brit is finally getting the message. There is a groundswell of anger in England at the moment over an attack on a 15 year old boy in a school playground by a gang of mulims who attacked him with a hammer. He is in hospital with brain damage. Here by the way is the link read the article and check out the comments and perhaps you will understand what I mean.


    I sometimes think that Islams shrill shreaking is the final convulsions of a religion in terminal decline. The only thing that is keeping this religion alive is the money that is spent by the oil rich arab states, when this disappears which it will do in a few years when the oil runs out and we in the rest of the world switch to another form of energy, how will they pay for all the food they need. Not one Islamictic country has an industrial base. If you take away all the money earned from oil all the 57 islamitic countries in the world have a gross national product equal to Spain and there exports equal to Finland. America at the moment is building something in the region of 79 ethanol plants which will use up most of the corn surplus. America is the swing producer when it comes to the production of corn they account for somewhere in the region of 70% of the worlds corn surplus , in few years they most likely will be using it to run their SUVs because the Saudis have jacked up the price of oil too high to pay for all the propaganda and it is more profitable to turn theirt corn into fuel instead of bread. In a few years the Saudis might be having to pay the extra they earn from oil back to the Americans Canadian and Australians in higher food prices because of the burgeoning population they have to feed. Where will the rest of the islamitic nation get the money from to pay for the food. As I said they are not industrialized. They can fire Kalashnikov’s but they can’t built them. Denmark is in an enviable position because it supplies I think 20% of its energy from wind an the rest is supplied from the small oil fields in the north sea. I only hope that when Syria come begging to Denmark to help feed there starving population Denmark tells them to fuck off.

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