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It ain’t what you say…

Posted by Exile on January 15, 2007

Two very different stories caught my eye today. Both have a common factor. Deceit.

Fathi El-abed, member of the Democratic Muslims and vice chairman of the Danish Friends of Palestine, says that Saddam’s Iraq was better than its reputation. He claims not to be pro-Saddam. He also claims that women in Iraq had better chances for an education, enjoyed the most freedom in the entire middle east, and that many more than now were undergoing an extended education. He also claims that the economy was booming under Saddam, and that social welfare in Iraq was a rõle model for the surrounding arab lands. Politically, he says, Iraq was no better or worse than other nearby countries.

A member of the Democratic muslims AND vice chairman of the Danish Friends of Palestine. I wonder where his true sympathies lie?

Story number two looks like a piece of Iranian propaganda gone mad.

The Motoon affair is never going to go away. I don’t care. There were drawings. Oh dear. The arab world will never recover. However, according to several Iranian websites, the cartoonist responsible for the drawings is dead and his burned body has been found in Århus, Denmark. The police and the media are supposedly saying nothing.

What a load of bull…

There were twelve drawings and equally as many cartoonists. Apparently the Iranians haven’t got their head count right. The story on the websites was reported by B.T., a red rag if ever I saw one, and the police were laughing into their coffee saying, no, not true. We haven’t found anybody dead, burned or otherwise.
Claus Seidel, spokesman for the cartoonists, says they are all OK, no-one is missing.

So there you have it.

Saddam was a model of philanthropic generosity and a boon to his loving subjects. Loved and respected by everyone and a leading light in the middle east.

The fatwas do work, infidels beware.

Or not……!

It got me thinking though..
Why don’t we start making up outrageous stories and propagate them over the internet. If there is one thing the arabs can’t stand, its ridicule. It offends them and their oh-so-sensitive honour. Bombard them with humour and lies. Hey, it might be more effective than bombarding them with tomahawk missiles and JDAM’s!
So I’ll set the ball rolling.

Ahmedinejad draws pictures of nude Mohammed.

Spread the word!


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