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Imams leaving Holland. The exodus begins.

Posted by Exile on January 18, 2007

Holland is on my list of favourite countries. It is warmer there than Denmark, the Dutch are generally friendly and they make excellent beer. Amsterdam is possibly my favourite European city.
Imagine my joy at reading the following:

Imams, that were not born in Holland, are leaving Holland and returning to their homelands. The reason? They feel that they are no longer welcome in Holland, according to the vice president in the Dutch organisation for imams, Mohamed Ousala.
“The situation is critical. Dozens of imams from Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht have left and the tendency is continuing in other places.”

And then he makes the usual threat, saying that he fears that the more radical types will step in and replace the imams. Ousalah fears that those mosques that do not have an imam will be used by the extremists to further their agenda. As if they weren’t extremist enough already. Which is probably why the Dutch don’t make them feel welcome in the first place. That may be a good thing. The more radical they become, the more unwelcome they will be.
At present there are 180 out 450 mosques without imams.

Having seen the video that recently came out of Great Britain, snapped up in an undercover operation against the hate-breeding imams in The UK, I cannot imagine that things are very different in Holland. Worse is the public denial, the outright lies that come from the mouths of these very imams that so publicly say that we misunderstand them. That they didn’t actually say what they said, or mean it. Again, we misunderstood. Of course, when you say that you will overthrow a government, you don’t really mean that you will overthrow a government. You mean that you will vote tory and love your fellow man. Isn’t that obvious?

The UK may be learning. They may be waking up. They could learn from Holland.

The Dutch government has taken some pretty firm action against its invading hordes of immigrants. The latest being the forced explusion of those refused asylum. The government also demands that new immigrants undergo a course in Dutch history and societal values. Holland is now engaged in trying to ban the wearing of burkhas in public.
There is no doubt that the killing of Theo van Gogh by a muslim in 2004 has brought many Dutch citizens to their senses. Holland is clearly polarised. There are muslims, and there non-muslims. Or, to put it another way, there are muslims, and there is everyone else. At present the muslims are outnumbered by approximately 15 million in a population of 16 million. In Great Britain, 7/7 opened many eyes. The thwarted plot to blow up American and British aircraft turned a few heads. The Motoons were Denmarks wake-up call. The French are losing patience. So are the Germans.

Is Europe beginning to fight back? I don’t know, yet. But I do see attitudes hardening and public opinion is maybe beginning to force our politicians to grasp the nettle. If so, then about time too. Perhaps that silent majority isn’t going to be silent for much longer.

Hat tips: De Telegraaf. Politiken.dk

One Response to “Imams leaving Holland. The exodus begins.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    This is great news. And there are more :
    The Germans in Bavaria bans the veil in schools, France has a good chance of getting a civilized president in April (M. Sarkozy) and in Denmark the Ridicule Party is breaking sunder. It will be a good weekend.

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