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Five terror suspects to leave UK.

Posted by Exile on January 20, 2007

This is a direct copy and paste from a BBC article:

Five Algerian terror suspects detained in Britain have voluntarily agreed to be deported, the BBC has learned. The men are part of a group of 27 foreigners held over fears they are a threat to national security.
Some of the men, who cannot be named due to a court order, have been held without trial for more than four years.
In 2004 their detention under anti-terror legislation was deemed unlawful but they were then held under immigration law.
The five men are all suspected terrorists and some are believed to have connections to radical Algerian terror cells.
The first of the five to be deported is expected to leave this morning.
Human rights campaigners say the men, who cannot be named because of a court order, will face torture on their return. This has been denied by Algeria. The British government, meanwhile, says it has assurances that the men will not be mistreated. Lawyers for the men said they could no longer bear indefinite detention and felt their only option was to agree to go back home.



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