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Palestinian, anyone?

Posted by Exile on January 25, 2007

No thanks, we’ve already got one, and we don’t want any more.

Oh, those “poor Palestinians”. It seems nobody is fond of them. Not even their arab brothers. At least, not if we are to believe the latest reports from the UN in Iraq.

24 January 2007 – The United Nations refugee agency today called on the international community to aid Palestinians living in Iraq after 90 panic-stricken men, women and children fled Baghdad, reportedly headed on two rented buses towards the Syrian border, following an increasing spate of attacks and harassment.

“Of all the groups being targeted in Iraq, the Palestinians are the most vulnerable as they literally have nowhere else to flee, and in many cases have been denied travel documents,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) senior Iraq operations manager Andrew Harper said in Geneva. “The international community must act now to help these people. A safe haven needs to be found immediately, outside Iraq.”

Oh. So they are not wanted in Iraq. Er.. what about the Palestinian territories? Isn’t that a safe haven for Palestinians? Or Iran? Oh well, maybe not, so who is with them? Syria would be a likely candidate. They are always defending the “poor palestinians”. Aren’t they?

Last April, Syria allowed a group of 287 Palestinians into the country, but has since turned back more than 500 other Palestinians who fled Baghdad because of harassment and attacks, or after relatives had been killed. Those who try to leave cannot get proper documents.

OK. Try again. There are certainly other pro-palestinian arab states that will take the “poor palestinians”, aren’t there?

Despite assistance from UNHCR, ICRC and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Palestinians have been living in extremely difficult conditions at the border sites. UNHCR has tried, to no avail, to secure them entry into Jordan and Syria, return them to the Palestinian territories with Israel’s permission, help in relocation to other Arab States or assist in resettlement outside the region.

It’s not easy, apparently, being a palestinian in the middle east, surrounded by your arab friends, defenders and benefactors.

Well, it made me think…


2 Responses to “Palestinian, anyone?”

  1. Yorkshireminer said

    In many ways I have a certain amount of sympathy with the people, but not very much. I worked in Qatar during the 70s and met many Palestinian, one especially who own a hire firm I hired cranes from occasionally. He told me that Arafat had send certain of his followers down there to get subscriptions for the cause. The whole affair was nothing more than a protection scam to squeeze more money out of the Palestinian working in the Gulf. The consequences of not paying meant in the mild cases a visit to the dentist or or in the more major a long visit to the hospital. That said, where ever they have gone they have caused trouble King Husein of Jordan kicked them out of Jordan because they were destabilizing the country they fled to a Lebanon and 3 years later there was a civil war. The very last thing any country want is the Palestinians come in large no. Ask the Jews.

  2. kepiblanc said

    Why don’t they go to Sweden ?

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