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Chicken Little Strikes Again!

Posted by Exile on January 26, 2007

It’s not often that strange things appear in the night sky on both sides of the Atlantic, but the last few nights have produced some wierd reports of blueish green lights streaking across the atmosphere above both Wales and America. Before you grab your survival kit and head for the hills while screaming “The martians are coming”, perhaps we can investigate this further from the comfort of our own computer screens. First, the reports.
This one from the BBC, complete with a picture of the mystery object doing it’s thing…

Mystery light seen across Wales.

Witnesses said the light lasted for several seconds
A flashing light reported “streaking” through the skies across much of Wales at breakfast time could have been a meteor, an expert believes.
The light was first seen at 0730 GMT, with one eyewitness describing it as a “long line, thicker at one end, bluey-green and flashing”.

And now from Worldnetdaily, unfortunately, no pictures:

What Was That? Strange Lights In Upstate Skies.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — It’s the talk of the town and beyond.

On radio, on television and by Internet from across the country, the question of the day has been: So what was that strange light in the sky last night?
Hundreds of folks across the region called and e-mailed media outlets and the National Weather Service to report to report streaks of blue or blue-green light in the night sky Wednesday at about 8:15 p.m.

Note the difference in the reporting. The BBC merely says “Witnesses..”. The WND says “Hundreds of folks..” (Sorry, digressing again.)

What could this be? I have, of course, a few well thought out proposals:

Maybe, some new kind of slow, environmentally friendly transatlantic air travel that we haven’t really heard about yet?
Is it, perhaps, an islamic doodlebug gone mad? (The green colour, you know.)
A message from God?
A message from Allah?
A message from someone else, other than a deity?
A “support the greenies” stunt?
Elvis returning? (I heard it from a seemingly deranged “prophet” in Memphis..! And I wasn’t even near Graceland.)

All these things are possible. Well, nearly possible. With the exception of Elvis. He isn’t gonna come back. Really. Sorry.

I wonder though. Could it possibly have anything to do with a certain chinese missile that blew up a redundant satellite last week and filled the headlines for two days or so…?


Definitely martians.

Head for the hills. We’re screwed!


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