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We’re all in a minority group somewhere.

Posted by Exile on January 29, 2007

We have quite a few minority groups in Denmark. I suppose I belong to one of them, if not two. I’m an ex-patriat Brit, that’s one, I smoke a pipe, that’s two, and I daresay I could find a couple of other groups I could belong to. However, I still belong to what is called the majority, whatever that may be. Majorities and minorities are what you make them. We can all find something that puts us in a minority group somewhere, and in a majority somewhere else.
Some people have decidedly put themselves in groups because of their religious beliefs or behaviour and identify themselves strongly by their convictions. This apparently singles them out for ridicule or direct attacks by those not belonging to their particular group. Two of these “minorities” are experiencing growing violence directed at them.
I am talking about the nationwide organisation for Gays and Lesbians and the Jewish community. Being a gay Jew then, must be doubly difficult and requires yet another minority group to be identified.

Strangely enough, the average Dane is totally indifferent to one’s beliefs or sexual orientation, unless you are pædophile or outwardly totally satanic, so I wonder where all this rising victimisation is coming from. As if I didn’t know.
I may be a bit wary of our Minister for Justice, Lene Espersen. I do not like her stance on the SIAD affair and I am prepared to take her to task on that. She is, however, aware of the growing problems concerning the gay and Jewish sections of our society and is, to all intents and purposes, prepared to do something about that.
About time too.
There is only one section of the population of this country that would single these two minority groups out for hostile purposes. Another minority group.
The muslims.
Maybe SIAD and Lene Espersen have some common ground here. Perhaps I should propose an unholy alliance between the four. Lene Espersen, Siad, the gays and the Jews.

Now that would indeed be a minority group for which membership requires some pretty special credentials!

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