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SIAD: Upping the Ante.

Posted by Exile on February 28, 2007

SIAD, the organization to Stop the Islamification of Denmark, has taken the battle for Denmark’s freedom a stage further. According to the Danish constitution “(Any) society that operates by, or attempts to achieve its goals by violence, incitement to the use of violence or other punishable influence… may be dissolved by law”.
And according to SIAD, that includes every mosque in Denmark where violence is preached. Not only that, there are verses in the Koran which are directly in opposition to the above stated, and therefore, they should be removed from the Koran in Denmark.

Not content with letting it stay in Denmark, SIAD contacted both a Turkish newspaper, Al-Jazeera and a couple of Arabian embassies. The Danish ambassador in Turkey is a bit red-faced about the whole affair and is trying to pour a little oil on the unholy waters.

Asked about a recent controversy on some verses of the Qur’an and an organization that is demanding that mosques be shut down, the ambassador says this has absolutely nothing to do with the Danish government. “It is a very small organization, unknown to the vast majority of Danes. The present case should primarily be seen as a provocation. The mere fact that the chairman of the association, Anders Gravers, sent copies of the complaint to Al-Jazeera TV and to the embassies of Muslim countries in Denmark shows that,” says the ambassador.

Well, it may be a very small organization now, but it is growing, Mr. Ambassador. And it isn’t going away. One would perhaps have expected him to add that the constitution is as it is, and that SIAD has a point. Perhaps the ambassador hasn’t read it.
The whole idea of sending their message out to Al-jazeera and the like is simple. It will save the oh-so insulted imams another long journey to the middle east to spread a shed load of lies, á la motoons. A Turkish journalist, writing for both a Turkish newspaper and a Turkish (English language) paper in Denmark has covered the story. There has apparently been a bit of confusion. The newspaper says that verses 67 and 69 in the Koran are the offending items. Not quite true. It is paragraphs 67 and 69 in the Danish constitution that are being quoted to forbid the verses. I am sure this will be corrected.
Here is the quote from the newspaper:

A Danish party demands censorship for Quran.

A political party named SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark-Stop Islamisation of Denmark) has demanded a censorship for parts of Quran, stating that that certain parts ‘encourage violence.’
After the caricature crisis and the attack on Muslim graves, Denmark has hit the headlines for the third time again with its anti-Islamist movements. A political party called Stop Islamisation of Denmark has claimed that 67th and 69th verses of Quran are violating the Danish constitution and the mosques across the country should be closed according to the 78th article of the Danish constitution. SABAH Newspaper has talked with the leader Anders Graves of SIAD; a party that has about 400 members. Gravers said: “Denmark is our country. Some verses of the Quran are filing me with worries about the lives of my children and grand children.” Stating that they have no intention or expectation on banning the Islam religion across the country Gravers said people living in Denmark should obey the constitution of the country no matter what they believe in.

Very clever tactics if you ask me. Use the law to make your point. Will this get to court? I don’t know. But it would make an interesting test case. And it would show Europe the way to take up the fight.
Let’s see if this can wake a few politicians from their peaceful and highly lucrative slumber. I am in no doubt, if we make it clear to the islamists that they are not welcome and that they are unwanted, many will leave. This can only add to their discomfort and hasten their departure.

Don’t like it here? Then get the hell out.

Sabah Newspaper.

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UK to Deport Terror Cleric.

Posted by Exile on February 27, 2007

It would appear that the UK is finally coming to its senses. The courts’ decision to deport the known islamic terrorist cleric, Abu Qatada, a.k.a. Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othmancan, can only be seen as right, proper and justified. Out with him, and slam the door after him. Having already spent the best part of 5 years in prison for his criminal activities, the UK will now deport him to Jordan.
Jordan would like to have him. They have convicted him of terrorist acts too. They want to lock him up. Let them.

But already, the do-gooders have begun the dodge and weave tactics of why the UK shouldn’t deport him. They claim that Abu will be returned to torture and abuse.

Personally, I don’t care. I don’t give a hoot what happens to this piece of Palestinian-Jordanian Islamic nastiness. Let the Jordanians rip him to bits with a can opener if that’s what they want to do. Doesn’t bother me.

The UK has an agreement with Jordan, that anyone deported to that land will not face abuse or mistreatment. It is known as the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and was signed between the UK government and Jordan in 2005. Critics claim the MOU is meaningless, with director of civil rights group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, saying “paper promises” were not enough. “Dodgy little ‘assurances’ from regimes that practise torture convince few outside government,” she said.
Well, sorry Ms. Chakrabarti, it’s good enough for me.
I don’t know how the Jordanians will react to being accused of being “dodgy”, but I’ll bet it won’t be pleasant.

The judgment by Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) chairman Mr Justice Ouseley said members had concluded there was “no real risk of persecution” on his return. Amnesty International UK campaigns director Tim Hancock said the group was “profoundly concerned” Siac had discounted evidence showing the risk of torture if Qatada was returned to Jordan. This included material documenting the “routine infliction of torture on ‘security suspects’ in Jordan…a practice which continues with impunity”.

Once again, I couldn’t care less.

The thing is, that this decision to deport could be the benchmark for other European nations to begin deportations. We need more MOU’s. Even if they are only “paper promises”. Why should we house and shelter terrorists? Return them to the lands from whence they came. They mean us no good, they threaten our lives and well being and, given the chance, they wouldn’t be interested in our civil rights should the situation be reversed. Amnesty International, Liberty, the ACLU and all the other oh-so-self-righteous idiotarian organisations of that ilk would do well to remember that.

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Prepared For.. Well… Anything Really.

Posted by Exile on February 26, 2007

It sounds, to me, like the rattle of sabres and musketry. The business of hindering or helping Iran in the race for atomic destructive power is hotting up. The foreign ministers of seven Islamic countries are expressing deep concern over the present situation and the escalation in the rhetoric and hardening attitudes. That is, of course, the western world’s rhetoric. Not Iran’s. The Pakistani foreign minister says he feels that it is imperative that the situation be solved by diplomatic means rather than military. (I find that a bit strange. I thought the Pakistanis were on our side in the GWOT.) He is obviously afraid of another muslim land getting its backside kicked. He is backed in this by the foreign ministers of Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They all got together over tea and biscuits in the company of the chairman for the Organization of Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, and decided on this unanimous statement of support for Iran. How surprising.

Do none of them know that diplomacy is not even in the dictionary in Iran?

The Iranians are taking the situation seriously too. Our chum Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iran “is moving like a train with no brakes” and that it “cannot be stopped”. His foreign minister, Manoucher Mohammadi, who wasn’t apparently at the meeting with the OIC, says that Iran is “prepared for all possible conflict and every situation,” and that Iran is “prepared for war”.
Well, well. Prepared for war, eh? Ask Saddam about that. Oh, sorry. I forgot.

Prepared for war indeed. That’s fighting talk where I come from!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of our Mahmoud explaining to the UN, just how large he believes his penis to be. Another lie, I’ll wager!

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Taleban Expanding.

Posted by Exile on February 24, 2007

If you are a follower of Bill Roggio’s “Fourth Rail”, you will have noticed todays report from him on the expansion by the Taleban into Western Pakistan. Musharraf has given up on Waziristan and now other provinces are falling under the weight of Taleban terror threats. Businesses and schools are closing, women and girls are being forced to wear the veil, the business of terrorising the local population has begun.
The fact is, that western Pakistan has long been a hideout and safe enclave for not just the Taleban, but also Al-Queda. Could it be, that the two have joined forces?
Undoubtedly, in my opinion. They have the same agenda. Perhaps on different levels, but none the less, equal. The Taleban wants local control, Al-Queda wants global control.
Strategically though, they are not in the best of positions. The Taleban were driven out of Afghanistan relatively quickly. The reason they can attack our forces in Afghanistan is simply that they can disappear over the border to Pakistan again to relative safety.

Musharraf must be aware that he is not just losing political ground here, he is also losing territory. Sovereign Pakistani territory. And he is losing it to a bunch of thugs. That must be embarrassing for him. Despite his political differences with Ahmed Karzhai in Afghanistan, he must also be aware that they have a common enemy here.
Would it be unthinkable, that the two put their heads together and decided to lay their differences aside, join forces and squeeze the border area until it burst?
Attacking the Taleban and Al-Queda from both sides simultaneously would be the only way to beat them. Helped along by coalition forces, the whole operation could be over in weeks.
Simply allowing our troops to cross the border into Pakistan would mean an end to the hit and run attacks in Afghanistan and would allow us to chase them all the way home, or directly into the arms of the Pakistani army. If Musharraf truly is the ally he declares to be in the GWOT, then how could this not be a viable proposition?

Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen in the near future. Musharraf is still keen on the idea, that he can bargain a cease-fire or a deal with the Taleban that will stop the insurgent violence and take-over of his land. He has been on this course for some time now, but despite earlier efforts and agreements, the Talebs continue to break the treaties. Musharraf’s latest move is to encourage the government opposition, which is supportive of the Taleban, to enter into new negotiations with them. Not the best policy to follow, if you ask me. As Bill Roggio points out;
“The ‘peace deals’ have resulted in the establishment of Taliban and al-Qaeda sanctuaries”.
I am sure, that the Taleban-supportive opposition is equally supported by the Taleban. When all is said and done, they both seek the demise of Musharraf. Politically if not physically.
Sooner or later, Musharraf is going to have to deal with the Taleban and Al-Queda in his own back yard and the opposition on his own back-benches. I do not believe he can do it alone.
And if he fails, how long will it be before these animals in their mountain cages, supported by the present governmental opposition, have a hold on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons?

Think about that for a while.

Link: The Fourth Rail.

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Stopping the Cascade.

Posted by Exile on February 23, 2007

There are two articles to be found in today’s Times On Line that need comparing to one another. The one deals with the IAEA on Iran and the other brings us the viewpoint of the Iranian ambassador in London.
From the IAEA:

The UN’s nuclear watchdog said today that Iran had failed to meet a February 21 deadline to suspend uranium enrichment, exposing Tehran to possible new sanctions over concerns that it hopes to produce nuclear weapons.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a leaked report that Iran had installed two cascades, or networks, of 164 centrifuges in its underground Natanz enrichment plant, with another two cascades close to completion. This amounted to an effort to escalate research-level enrichment of nuclear fuel into “industrial scale” production in defiance of a UN Security Council resolution. The confidential report said: “Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities.”
Intelligence estimates and independent analysts say that Iran probably remains three to 10 years away from accumulating enough high-enriched uranium for the core of atom bombs.

And from the Iranian ambassador:

As Iran yesterday defied the United Nations deadline for freezing its nuclear programme, its ambassador in London said that it had no intention of budging from its position. “For sure, we are going to stress our inalienable right . . . within the bounds of the NPT [Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty] to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes,” Rasoul Movahedian said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN watchdog, is expected to report to the UN Security Council today on Iran’s failure to answer all its inspectors’ questions. The agency wants to establish whether Iran’s aims are purely peaceful, as it maintains, or whether it plans to build a nuclear weapon, as the West suspects. In an interview with The Times, Mr Movahedian said that Iran would now offer to “finalise all the pending questions of the IAEA within three weeks if the case is sent back to the IAEA board”. One Western official said last night: “Spurious suggestions like this don’t help us to move forward. It’s remarkable that Iran is now saying that it could, if it chose, resolve them in a matter of weeks. It only underlines its failure to cooperate fully with the IAEA.”

OK. Let’s clarify a few things here. The IAEA is described as the UN’s nuclear watchdog. The IAEA report was “leaked”? Why Leaked? Who were they hiding it from? What is the UN covering up? Is there something we shouldn’t or don’t yet know about? I don’t think so.

The (latest) deadline for Iran ran out yesterday. Nothing happened. I can imagine the conversation in the hallowed halls of the UN.
“The deadline ran out yesterday.”
“Oh dear. I suggest we hold some further discussion then”.
Why didn’t they have something prepared?

The Iranian ambassador is reiterating his boss, Ahmedinejad’s, rhetoric of “Screw you, we’re not moving”. And they won’t.

My question is, what is the UN going to do now? Another ‘deadline’ dead and gone. Oh well, more sanctions then. That’ll show ’em, in no uncertain terms, that we mean business and we think that they are very naughty. A new deadline perhaps? Shall we say, six months this time? Or ten years?
All the sanctioning and discussion in the world is not going to stop Iran from producing the first Jihadi nuclear bomb. The time has come to make a genuine threat. If they don’t stop, immediately, then we, the western powers that be, should reduce Natanz to a glass ashtray in the desert. Followed closely by Tehran.

Either that, or begin evacuating Haifa now. Followed closely by New York.

Iranian ambassador.

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Dress Right or Die, Lady!

Posted by Exile on February 21, 2007

Another stroke of tolerance from one of the sons of the religion of peace.

I found this in The Times:

An Islamic fundamentalist shot and killed a female Pakistani minister yesterday because of her refusal to wear a Muslim veil.

Police said that the bearded attacker had singled out the prominent women’s rights activist in the belief that women should not be in politics.
Zilla Huma Usman, the Punjab provincial minister for social welfare and supporter of President Musharraf, was shot as she prepared to address a public gathering in the town of Gujranwala, 70km (43 miles) north of the provincial capital, Lahore. As party members threw rose petals at her, the gunman shot her in the head, police said. They identified the attacker as Malulvi Ghulam Sarwar and said that he was opposed to the participation of women in politics and the refusal of many professional women in Pakistan to wear the veil.

“He killed her because she was not observing the Islamic code of dress. She was also campaigning for emancipation of women,” Nazir Ahmad, a police officer, said.

I wonder how all the died-in-the-wool feminists in the west will react?

If they react….

Link: The Times.

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Legal Upheaval.

Posted by Exile on February 18, 2007

The cat is really amongst the pigeons in the legal halls of Denmark after the acquittal of three of the four men charged with planning terrorist activity. Both “sides” are complaining bitterly about the case, not least of all the District Attorney. He is now pressing the Public Prosecutor to determine if and when he can raise new charges against the three.
The whole charade started after a jury had found all four suspects guilty of planning a terror action, The three judges hearing the case rescinded the decision and acquitted three of the men. Jørn Vestergaard, an associate law professor at the University of Copenhagen said, and I quote; ‘It isn’t enough to raise the probability that someone is radical, fundamental or doing something suspicious.’ And that is exactly the problem. How does one prove intent? I mean, beyond doubt. Our laws do not allow for that.
The nub is, that planning a crime is not a crime. It is only after you commit that crime that you are outside of the law. We have to illegalise the planning and intention to commit wrongful, especially terrorist, activity.
I am not alone in this opinion.
Jyllands Posten had this to say in its article on the Copenhagen Post:

The controversial outcome of Denmark’s first court case involving new strict anti-terrorism laws has generated a wave of opinion from both supporters and critics of yesterday’s decision. Some suggest it could lead to changes in the Danish legal system.

After a jury had found all four suspects guilty of planning a terror action, the three judges hearing the case rescinded the decision and acquitted three of the men. The fourth suspect, Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa, 17, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. If sentenced as an adult, he could have been punished with life in prison.

“Some suggest it could lead to changes in the Danish legal system.” I say, it must lead to changes in the Danish legal system. It must also lead to changes in all the other legal systems all over the western world as well. If prevention is better than cure, then we have to have legal tools to prevent with. Jørn Vestergaard’s “probability that someone is radical, fundamental or doing something suspicious” has to be enough.

The Islamisk Trossamfund, the national organisation representing Denmark’s Muslims, is playing the victim card again, protesting that the sentencing of the one man merely underscores the present bias against muslims, adding that the conviction could fuel further prejudice against Muslims. Which is both typical and predictable. After all, we all know that Islam is the religion of peace, yada-yada, ad-nauseam. However, the organisation did express concern that the young men, some of whom were born in Denmark, had adopted fundamentalist views.

Well, it’s about time.

I’m going to keep an eye on this. Any change in the legal system is always interesting. I want to see how our politicians are going to respond.

Link: Copenhagen Post. English version.

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Islamic Rocket Science.

Posted by Exile on February 17, 2007

Here’s my attempt at a little laconic humour!

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You’re Free To Go…Case Dismissed.

Posted by Exile on February 17, 2007

Sometimes, I wonder what’s wrong with the legal systems around the world. I can read and hear about arrests being made in France, Spain, Belgium and Great Britain, of various groups of people that are being charged with planning some sort of terrorist activity. Half of them go free.

Apparently, the courts haven’t yet got the message, that the police in Europe are actually trying to defend us as best they can with the present law set that we do have. Personally, I don’t think those laws are good enough, and I don’t think that the judges are upholding the law when these terrorists are finally caught and brought to trial. Maybe the problem is, that even if the police are doing a great job, the evidence required to gain a conviction is beyond them. How do you prove that someone was thinking about, or planning a terrorist act? What is required?
These misguided madmen haven’t actually done anything yet, they have merely planned something. Simple possession of pieces of paper, maps, chemicals and weapons, “martyr” films, remote detonators and even explosives, is not evidence enough for some.
No crime commited, no case.
We have to have a few dead people first, then we can get going. Charges of murder are easier to prosecute than charges of planning a crime. How does one prove intent?
Or is planning a terrorist act not really a crime?

We have recently had two cases before the beak in Denmark.
The first involved four young muslim men. They were planning some terrorist act to be carried out here. The police had been watching them closely for months and finally had to round them up before the dastardly act could be carried out. Finding all the trappings of Jihad, the videos, the plans on paper, the materials, the police took the case to court. The prosecution managed to convince the entire jury of guilt but the judge let three of the four go, sentencing only one to seven years in prison. Judicially, the evidence against the other three wasn’t good enough, he said.
Strange. It was good enough for the “twelve good men and true”. The police are going to try again. The convicted man is going to appeal. His lawyer is optimistic.

The second involves a sixteen year old idiot, who has been setting fires in an apartment block in Odense on Fyen, the big island to the west of Sealland. Caught almost red handed, he was tried and found guilty. The judge sentenced him to six months in prison. However, he has been in the police cells for two months and the judge decided to suspend the sentence. Which means our little fire-bug is free to walk. The apartment block is Vollsmose. A muslim ghetto. The youngster lives there.
Mind you, burning the place to the ground is probably the best thing that could happen to Vollsmose, but that is another story!

Do I see a pattern developing here?

What were these judges thinking? How can one repeatedly set fires, threatening life and limb, and go free? Not to mention the damage done or the cost of repair, or the danger to our fire-fighters every time they have to go to that particular area in question. Tell me, is the repeated burning, or attempting to burn, your neighbours home down not terrorism? It is if you live there.

How can the judge that let the three would-be jihadis go free, sleep at night?

Despite the evidence, despite the efforts of the police, these idiot champions of justice continue to shake my faith in our legal system. It is time to rethink the whole thing.

This is not what I pay taxes for.

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Update: Al-Masri is Not Wounded…

Posted by Exile on February 16, 2007

..nor is he dead or in custody.

Which is a bit of a shame really. I picked this up from Bill Roggio:

Last evening’s reports of the capture of al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri appear to be incorrect. Brigadier General Abdul-Karim Khalaf, the spoksman for the Interior Ministry, initially reported al-Masri was wounded in a gunfight, and an aide was killed while trying to enter the city of Balad. Khalaf has since pulled back from this claim, while the deputy interior minister said the information could not be confirmed, as did the U.S. military. “We do not believe that he was either killed or wounded last night,” said Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Garver, a MNF-Iraq spokesman.

Oh Well. Better luck next time.

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