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Immigrant gangs. A losing battle.

Posted by Exile on February 1, 2007

Gangs of immigrant youngsters in Denmark have grown so strong that the police have finally had to admit defeat. People who work in this area of social irritation are calling the police efforts “futile” and “completely erroneous”. The police have finally decided to speak out and say that, no, we haven’t got a chance. “We have to admit that we haven’t gotten hold of the roots to these gangs.” says Chief Inspector Frank Jensen from the Danish Rigspolitiet.

In June 2005 a special unit was set up to propagate a “no tolerance” strategy towards these gangs. Since then the police have been keeping a close eye on 14 different gangs and 162 individuals, most of whom have some connection to the narcotics trade or who are in some way connected with street violence.
The police are venting their frustration toward the responsible politicians, who, they say, are more interested in getting the small fry off the streets than getting to the big fish. The result is that the gangs are doing nicely, thankyou very much.

A now well known name crops up again in the discussion. Lene Espersen, Minister for Justice in Denmark, is at the top of this particular food chain and she believes that the strategy is working. She is probably the only one that does.
“I agree that it will be a long hard slog to defeat these gangs,” she says, “but the strategy is coordinated through me and I have absolute faith, that the police will succeed (with these gangs) as they did against the rocker gangs.”

Well, bravo Lene E. I hope you won’t mind while the rest of us continue to look over our shoulders every time we go out into the city at night. I will, of course, continue to pay my taxes while I wait for the streets to become safe again.
Or buy a handgun and join in. Oh no, can’t do that can I? I have no right to self defence in Denmark. Sorry. I forgot about that for a moment.

The simple truth is, that the judiciary system is too lenient, our laws are too vague, the police are undermanned, under-equipped and underpaid, and even if they do get hold of one of the big boys, the law will not allow the police to keep them long enough under arrest to do anything worthwhile with them. And when they do grab one, there are too many lawyers, social workers, pædogogs and far too many “organisations” that are all too ready to defend these animals.
I believe the time has come to get real tough with these yobs.
And I mean “tough”.
The US system of “3 times and you’re out” may not be ideal, but it is a deterrent that is to be reckoned with. Maybe we should adopt a similar code here for these maladjusted criminal youngsters.
I, for one, would applaud it, and I’m probably not alone.


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