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Home-Grown Terrorists.

Posted by Exile on February 2, 2007

Three very interesting articles, all from The Times, have really caught my attention. They deal with the “home-grown” threat in Great Britain and the apparent planned attack on muslim soldiers serving in the British Army. Someone, somewhere has given out the personal details of 25 soldiers living in various parts of the UK and has put them on a would-be hitlist. The idea was to take one of these men, behead him and release the whole grisly show on the internet. Luckily one of the involved men, a corporal, was tipped off by investigators and was asked if he would be “the bait” that would entrap these would be murderers. He bravely agreed and the whole process ran off the mill, resulting in nine arrests.
The worrying thing is, that the British Army actually takes a lot of care to look after the personal details of their serving men and women, so there has to be a mole somewhere, though none has been found yet. The Ministry of Defence are investigating this quite thoroughly.

It would appear, that Al-Queda has decided to test fly their “home-grown” terrorist activities in the UK, using British nationals with valid passports, that have been trained in Pakistan. Those that have been questioned about their activities in Afghanistan and Iraq, have intimated that they were told to take the Jihad home and start operations in their homeland. Leaving the UK to fight in these theaters, they were quickly recruited, trained up and returned back to the UK to work as undercover cells, planning groups and ultimately, active terrorists. I do not believe this is unique to the UK.

I believe that there are many muslims that leave the west to fight in the open theaters of the middle east that are being sent home with a new vision of jihad.
I am not inclined to copy and paste 3 large articles here, but the links below are worth following and the stories are worth reading. They provide a little insight into the world of home grown terrorists. I have retitled the articles for the links.

“Take the fight home.”

“Terror hitlist.”

“Change of tactics.”


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