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Ah, Oui, Les Motoons… Merde!

Posted by Exile on February 8, 2007

So here we go again.. This time in France, where the motoons are again on trial, or should I say, the publisher of the motoons. Philippe Val, editor of the French satirical magasine, Charlie Hebdo is being sued by a bunch of the sons of Mohammed for daring to print not only the Jyllands Post’s motoons, but also one of their own. Surprisingly, many politicians have voiced their support for the magasine. One of the most notable being the newly announced candidate for the presidency, Minister for the Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy. This from The Times:

The Interior Minister was the most notable of a host of French politicians who defended Philippe Val, the Editor of Charlie Hebdo, on the first day of a libel trial in Paris. Mr Val is charged with publicly defaming Muslims by reprinting two of the Danish cartoons of Muhammad that caused uproar in the Arab world last year. They were first published in 2005.

Charlie Hebdo also published one of its own drawings, which showed the Prophet holding his head in his hands with the caption: “It’s hard to be loved by idiots.” The Grand Paris Mosque, which brought the proceedings, says that the cartoons are racist as well as offensive.

Mr Val faces a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of €22,000 (£14,500) if found guilty. Mr Sarkozy sent a letter to the court offering “support to your newspaper, which is part of the old French tradition of satire”.

Now, I find this whole affair ridiculous. Just like most of the hoo-ha that has been spawned by the motoons. No harm was done, no-one died, none were injured and no property was destroyed by the publication of the motoons. Unlike the death and destruction brought on by the now famous and “totally spontaneous” planned demos that followed around the world.
Mr. Sarkozy has annoyed a few of the muslim “leaders” by his actions. (I wonder, why do the muslims everywhere need “leaders”? Are they incapable of independant thought and actions?) I don’t imagine for one minute that this concerns him. He is a pretty outspoken opponent of the mass immigration that is taking place in France. More from The Times:

His intervention infuriated leading French Muslims, who said that, with religious affairs among his ministerial duties, Mr Sarkozy should remain neutral. The French Muslim Council — created by Mr Sarkozy — called an emergency meeting last night amid speculation that its members might resign.

Mr Sarkozy’s letter was interpreted as a shot across the bows of President Chirac, who is reported to have encouraged the rector of the Grand Paris Mosque, Dalil Boubakeur, to sue Charlie Hebdo. Mr Chirac is understood to believe that a guilty verdict would enhance France’s standing in Muslim countries.

I would have thought Mr. Chirac was more interested in raising the standing of France in the eyes of his fellow Europeans and our allies. Pandering to the Islamic masses is not one of my favourite traits among politicians, and I daresay others like me feel the same.

Surprisingly enough, the Left is also on the side of the magasine. François Hollande, the Socialist Party leader and partner of Mr Sarkozy’s rival for the presidency, Ségolãne Royal, is to be a defence witness.

Perhaps someone is actually awake in France.

The “sue the newspaper” tactic failed in Denmark. The judge threw it out of court. One can only hope that the french judge does the same.

Unfortunately, I fear that France is so far gone, that Mr. Val will end up behind bars.

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