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The February 2007 Bullshit Award.

Posted by Exile on February 9, 2007

I don’t often post anything about what goes on inside America. I don’t live there, I don’t truly understand their politics and I don’t feel I could do nearly as good a job as some of the home grown bloggers “over there”. But this little story had me spluttering my evening scotch over the computer screen.

A video by five students at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University depicting ski-masked “hostage-takers” speaking in cartoonish Middle Eastern accents has drawn condemnations from local Muslim leaders. In the video, which mocks those aired by real-life terrorists, five figures speak in exaggerated accents as they threaten their captive, a rubber duck dubbed “Pete”. The video was posted on YouTube and recently removed and came with a statement indicating that it was done “all purely as a joke, of course.” And why not poke a bit of fun at these animals?
The five lads were subsequently removed from their campus jobs as residence hall assistants and are to undergo campus hearings.
And the main reason for that? Well, local Muslim leaders did not see the humour.

(More of these “leaders”.. What is it with these muslim “leaders”? Why do muslims everywhere need local “leaders”? Are they mindless? Can’t think for themselves? Do they elect these people? This is really starting to get to me!)

Ghazi Khankan of Long Beach, a member of the board of the American Muslim Alliance, says he “doesn’t think it is merely a prank”.
His sensitivities are obviously a bit thin. Still, with a name that sounds like a baroque vaudeville dance, what can one expect?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says “It’s something that needs to be addressed.”
You’re telling me it does!

Habeeb Ahmed, president of the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury says “People are testing the waters again and again, and the Muslim community is always at the receiving end.”
Victim syndrome showing through here, Habeeb. I would advise a little restraint. (A straight jacket should do the job nicely.)

And now the real dig in the ribs. College provost Joseph Shenker says “Student employees must function as role models and as teachers for the other students, we expect them to be instructing our students on being sensitive regarding all groups.” and then added, “I think the tape was an insult to the victims and families involved in hostage situations.”
What? How? Pandering idiot. You, sir, are an insult to common sense.

I wonder how all the above mentioned react to the real hostage videos? The real snuff movies from Paliwood? I hear no cries of indignation from CAIR, The Islamic Center or indeed from the American Muslim Alliance. So why in the name of all things holy should the school provost react in this way? And how can the college administration allow him to do so? Are they also totally bereft of humour?

As I said at the start of this post, I don’t understand their politics fully. But I know a pile of dung when I smell it. Wherever it is.

And for that reason alone, The Long Island University and its provost, CAIR, The American Muslim Alliance and The Islamic Center of Long Island all get to share the February 2007 Bullshit Award.

Congratulations to the whole stinking bunch of ’em!


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