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Denial. A River in America.

Posted by Exile on February 10, 2007

This has got me worried. Not for me, but for my American cousins who are being told that the Department of Homeland Security is doing a bang-up job of defending America. They aren’t.
If they can’t name the enemy, if they can’t call it by its real name, then what hope is there for the USA? I found this on World Net Daily:

Citing recent internal memos, Department of Homeland Security employees complain their boss Michael Chertoff is hamstringing counter-terror operations with pro-Islamic political correctness.
They say headquarters has cautioned officials not to describe Islamic terrorism as Islamic and to respect Islam as a “religion of peace.”
“It’s constantly drilled into us that Islam is not the enemy, and that the terrorists are merely a minority of ‘extremists’ distorting Islam,” said one official who wished to go unnamed.

It may well be that the few are physically attacking us. But the many are behind them and they cannot be ignored. And there are many. In fact, I believe, the vast majority are behind them. Otherwise, we would hear the muslim community complaining that the “religion of peace” is being hijacked and distorted.

That never happens.

The article continues:

DHS Secretary Chertoff set the tone in a staffwide memo last year, when he described as “extremists” the two dozen Muslim terrorists who plotted to blow up 10 airliners over the Atlantic. Unlike British authorities, Chertoff did not mention the religious motivation of the terrorists. Nowhere in the one-page memo were the terms “Muslim” or “Islamic” used.

WND has obtained a copy of the internal alert from Chertoff, which was distributed to staff at 7:57 a.m. Aug. 10 – within hours, it says, of the arrests of “a significant number of extremists engaged in a substantial plot to destroy multiple aircraft flying from the United Kingdom to the United States.”

“It’s ridiculous. ‘Extremists’ could mean anyone. Who are we talking about here? Neo-Nazi extremists? Environmental extremists?” another DHS official said. “It’s so politically correct. If the head of Homeland Security can’t say it, who can?”

I agree. If we are to win this fight then we have to stop pussyfooting around with the terminology. We have to identify, by name, the enemy we are facing. They are motivated by the belief that Islam will rule the world. They are extremists. They are fighting a holy war against the entire western world. So let’s call them what they are. Islamic fascists. No point in denying it. No point in drowning in the politically correct. Political correctness is really no more than verbal denial.

It gets worse:

In a report issued last month, the Homeland Security’s Advisory Council recommended DHS continue to soften its language when referring to the enemy.
The Department should work with subject matter experts to ensure that the lexicon used within public statements is clear, precise and does not play into the hands of the extremists.
The report, released by the DHS Advisory Council’s Task Force on Future Terrorism, also recommended implementing more “Muslim outreach programs.”
“Broader avenues of dialogue with the Muslim community should be identified and pursued by the department to foster mutual respect and understanding, and ultimately trust,” the report urged.

Chertoff said he welcomed the reports findings.

Headquarters has already engaged in such outreach programs. For example, it recently dispatched a senior DHS official to personally take CAIR officials on a VIP tour of the department’s anti-terror-screening operations at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the nation’s busiest airport. CAIR, a Washington-based group that’s been tied to terrorists and terror groups, had complained Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed by Customs and Border Protection agents at inspection stations.
“CAIR had a special inside tour of airport security,” an outraged American Airlines official at O’Hare told WND. “I work here. There’s no way any of us would qualify for that tour.”
CAIR has been invited by DHS headquarters to train Customs and Border Protection agents manning inspections booths at international airports to be more sensitive to Muslims and Muslim customs.

So even the DHS has enlisted the help of what should be its primary target, along with Jamaat al-fuqra, to “train” its operatives? What the hell is going on?

I read quite a bit about the US. I believe them to be our best ally in the fight against Islam. Today, two things have shattered my belief in them. One was this report. The other was an essay from The Gates of Vienna concerning the Islamic enclave in Red House, Virginia. The people that live there have given up. They dare not even protest outside the property.

The Department of Homeland Security seems to have joined them.

The Gates of Vienna


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