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Lay some skin on me

Posted by Exile on February 13, 2007

This has got to be the weirdest reason for excluding kids from school. I wish I had been so lucky. I could have just stayed at home. I mean, I’ve heard of a dress code, but this is just ridiculous! Our school uniform consisted of the regulation cap, blazer, grey trousers,white shirt and school tie. In Kenya, they get a little more personal…

From the BBC:

Uncircumcised pupils sent home

A Kenyan secondary school has sent home 20 boys because they were not circumcised, saying it feared they would be bullied by other students.
The new pupils at Kiriani boys’ high school in Eastern Province had only been at the school for three days. The pupils were told not to return until they had completed the procedure. Click for a larger view!
“Please do the needful within two weeks and let your son report back to school with you immediately he is well,” a letter to parents from the school said.
Circumcision is not obligatory for admission to secondary school, but a study released in December said it reduced the risk of contracting HIV/Aids.
Circumcision is practised in many, but not all, of Kenya’s various ethnic groups.

So, no wearing the hood in the ‘hood, eh?
As if they went round examining each others bits in the playground. Can you imagine the local bully? “Hey shorty, show us your wang..”
OK, I did some strange things as a kid, but we drew the line at penile examination!

I wonder who, among the school staff, goes round inspecting the offending children?

Oh yes, I know…. the Hoodmaster!


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