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SIAD. Battling On…

Posted by Exile on February 14, 2007

SIAD, the Danish organisation to Stop The Islamification of Denmark has met another obstacle in their efforts to hold a simple, peaceful demonstration.

Having convinced the Minister for Justice, Lene Espersen, that using the emergency judicial paragraph to stop them on the grounds that they would cause public disorder is not acceptable as they, the demonstrators, are a peaceful bunch who don’t threaten anyone, SIAD applied for a license to demonstrate in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, scheduled for the 24th of this month.
The theme of this protest was to highlight freedom of speech in precisely that area of Copenhagen. An area where the police are slowly but surely losing their grip…!

Unfortunately, the chief constable, Hanne Bech Hansen, (yes, the chief constable is a woman) is quoting the same emergency paragraph, #79, to stop the demo, again.
The police have been nice enough to offer an alternative venue, but that is not acceptable to SIAD.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. The Minister for Justice accepts, after a lot of discussion and a great deal of pressure, that SIAD is planning to execute a peaceful demonstration and therefore paragraph 79 is not applicable. She says, “OK, go ahead”.
The chief constable says otherwise. So she is defying the Minister for Justice? That effectively makes her reasons for stopping the demo somewhat illegal or, at the very least, invalid.
It sounds to me as if Lene and Hanne ought to get together on this one and decide just who is the boss here!

There is, however, a little twist in the tale here. While Lene Espersen says that paragraph 79 can’t be used to stop SIAD demonstrating in general, she is prepared to use the emergency paragraph to stop SIAD demonstrating in certain places.
So basically, we now have an official “no-go” area in Denmark? How say you, Lene Espersen?

SIAD is considering pointing out to the police that is they who have been given the task of defending the right of the citizenry to peacefully assemble, no matter where they choose so to do, in this land. Including Nørrebro.

They may be naive, they may be newbies, they may even be irritating to some, but SIAD is taking the battle up against the PC loonies.

First, SIAD had to convince the Minister for Justice that they are a peaceable bunch. That happened.
Now they have to persuade the Chief Constable. That will, I hope, happen.

I don’t know how much the letters and e-mails from the 910 group helped with Lene Espersen. I hope the group will follow up on this. Maybe we should all get the pens out again and explain to Lene E. how disappointed we are to hear of the tragic loss of Nørrebro to a foreign occupation. I find it worrying. I have friends that live there.

As I said somewhere before, this is a battle that has to be won.

Link; SIAD. Danish website.


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