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Oh, Nuts. I’m Going Ga-ga!

Posted by Exile on February 15, 2007

This is gonna worry a few people! Me included..!!

Apparently, after my vasectomy seven years ago, I’ve been on the way to dementia. And so are all you other vasectomised love machines out there! You see, there really is a connection between your testicles and your brain.
(Women have known about this for years. They constantly use it to their advantage.)

My father warned me that thinking with ’em would get me into trouble!

I always said “the snip” was just a pain in the nuts, but this is just ridiculous. There again, it isn’t far from urology to neurology. I offer this snippet (sorry!) of scientific evidence:

Research links vasectomy with higher dementia risk.

Reuters, by Will Dunham.

(Original Article Posted By:SpinMaster, 2/14/2007 11:40:29 PM)

WASHINGTON – Men who have had a vasectomy may face an increased risk of developing a rare type of dementia marked by a steady loss of language skills, researchers said on Tuesday. Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois, writing in the journal Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, linked this male sterilization surgery to a neurological condition called primary progressive aphasia, or PPA.


It causes people’s language capabilities to decline steadily, with symptoms such as faulty recollection of names of people and things, difficulties in speech, reading and writing, and poor comprehension.

Now look here. Just because I can’t remember what’s-her-name, you know, her with the long hair, yeah..the wife, or remember where I put my what’s-it-called thingy and can’t properly describe it anyway, doesn’t mean I’m.. what was it he said?

Sorry. What was the question? Who? I’m baffled.

Oh, yes. Vasectomy is a new form of frontal lobotomy. I think….

Where’s my..?

What? Oh, look. A cuckoo.


Link: ABC News.


2 Responses to “Oh, Nuts. I’m Going Ga-ga!”

  1. Col. B. Bunny said

    How can I contribute money to you?

  2. Exile said

    Try my Paypal link, upper portion on the sidebar..

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