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Al-Masri Wounded?

Posted by Exile on February 16, 2007

Abu Ayyub al-Masri, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, may have been wounded in a firefight with Iraqi police just north of Baghdad according to reports from CNN and a few others that I follow. His top aide-de-camp, Abu Abdullah al-Majamiai, is reported dead and police have his body. If this is true, then the hunt for Abu al-Masri may soon be over. Captured alive, he will be a source of boundless intelligence. If killed, then he will still represent a victory for our troops. Either way, I hope they get him. CNN is a bit touchy about their copyright so I won’t quote them.

Someone not so touchy is Bill Roggio, and you can read him on his blog, The Fourth Rail. Here’s what Bill has to say:

Iraqi and Coalition forces may have gotten a lucky break in the hunt for the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. CNN is reporting, based on a source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, that Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the successor to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been wounded in a firefight on a road somewhere between Fallujah and Samarra. Al-Masri and his security detail are said to have been entering the city of Balad. Al-Masri’s aide is identified as Abu Abdullah al-Majamiai. A military intelligence source has informed us al-Majamiai may be the head of al-Masri’s security detail, but this has not been confirmed.

Neither Bill nor CNN can absolutely confirm the news. It may be that CNN and AFP are quoting Bill Roggio. However, he is there, and his information is pretty solid most of the time.

Let’s all treat this with a bit of caution, but hopefully, we will have a result on this one soon.

The Fourth Rail
Global Security

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