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You’re Free To Go…Case Dismissed.

Posted by Exile on February 17, 2007

Sometimes, I wonder what’s wrong with the legal systems around the world. I can read and hear about arrests being made in France, Spain, Belgium and Great Britain, of various groups of people that are being charged with planning some sort of terrorist activity. Half of them go free.

Apparently, the courts haven’t yet got the message, that the police in Europe are actually trying to defend us as best they can with the present law set that we do have. Personally, I don’t think those laws are good enough, and I don’t think that the judges are upholding the law when these terrorists are finally caught and brought to trial. Maybe the problem is, that even if the police are doing a great job, the evidence required to gain a conviction is beyond them. How do you prove that someone was thinking about, or planning a terrorist act? What is required?
These misguided madmen haven’t actually done anything yet, they have merely planned something. Simple possession of pieces of paper, maps, chemicals and weapons, “martyr” films, remote detonators and even explosives, is not evidence enough for some.
No crime commited, no case.
We have to have a few dead people first, then we can get going. Charges of murder are easier to prosecute than charges of planning a crime. How does one prove intent?
Or is planning a terrorist act not really a crime?

We have recently had two cases before the beak in Denmark.
The first involved four young muslim men. They were planning some terrorist act to be carried out here. The police had been watching them closely for months and finally had to round them up before the dastardly act could be carried out. Finding all the trappings of Jihad, the videos, the plans on paper, the materials, the police took the case to court. The prosecution managed to convince the entire jury of guilt but the judge let three of the four go, sentencing only one to seven years in prison. Judicially, the evidence against the other three wasn’t good enough, he said.
Strange. It was good enough for the “twelve good men and true”. The police are going to try again. The convicted man is going to appeal. His lawyer is optimistic.

The second involves a sixteen year old idiot, who has been setting fires in an apartment block in Odense on Fyen, the big island to the west of Sealland. Caught almost red handed, he was tried and found guilty. The judge sentenced him to six months in prison. However, he has been in the police cells for two months and the judge decided to suspend the sentence. Which means our little fire-bug is free to walk. The apartment block is Vollsmose. A muslim ghetto. The youngster lives there.
Mind you, burning the place to the ground is probably the best thing that could happen to Vollsmose, but that is another story!

Do I see a pattern developing here?

What were these judges thinking? How can one repeatedly set fires, threatening life and limb, and go free? Not to mention the damage done or the cost of repair, or the danger to our fire-fighters every time they have to go to that particular area in question. Tell me, is the repeated burning, or attempting to burn, your neighbours home down not terrorism? It is if you live there.

How can the judge that let the three would-be jihadis go free, sleep at night?

Despite the evidence, despite the efforts of the police, these idiot champions of justice continue to shake my faith in our legal system. It is time to rethink the whole thing.

This is not what I pay taxes for.


One Response to “You’re Free To Go…Case Dismissed.”

  1. Damon said

    I suspect these judges and lawyers do sleep soundly.
    They have been brought up and educated in a civilised system that emphasises the individual case — not the bigger picture.


    The fact is, we’re involved in a “bigger picture” now, and the older assumptions don’t work anymore — but the old legal system assumed everyone was ultimately on the same side i.e. — dare I say it — the old Anglo-Saxon “rule-of-law”
    Right now, that isn’t true — there are people out there who reject that whole thing, and intend violence.


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