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Stopping the Cascade.

Posted by Exile on February 23, 2007

There are two articles to be found in today’s Times On Line that need comparing to one another. The one deals with the IAEA on Iran and the other brings us the viewpoint of the Iranian ambassador in London.
From the IAEA:

The UN’s nuclear watchdog said today that Iran had failed to meet a February 21 deadline to suspend uranium enrichment, exposing Tehran to possible new sanctions over concerns that it hopes to produce nuclear weapons.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a leaked report that Iran had installed two cascades, or networks, of 164 centrifuges in its underground Natanz enrichment plant, with another two cascades close to completion. This amounted to an effort to escalate research-level enrichment of nuclear fuel into “industrial scale” production in defiance of a UN Security Council resolution. The confidential report said: “Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities.”
Intelligence estimates and independent analysts say that Iran probably remains three to 10 years away from accumulating enough high-enriched uranium for the core of atom bombs.

And from the Iranian ambassador:

As Iran yesterday defied the United Nations deadline for freezing its nuclear programme, its ambassador in London said that it had no intention of budging from its position. “For sure, we are going to stress our inalienable right . . . within the bounds of the NPT [Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty] to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes,” Rasoul Movahedian said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN watchdog, is expected to report to the UN Security Council today on Iran’s failure to answer all its inspectors’ questions. The agency wants to establish whether Iran’s aims are purely peaceful, as it maintains, or whether it plans to build a nuclear weapon, as the West suspects. In an interview with The Times, Mr Movahedian said that Iran would now offer to “finalise all the pending questions of the IAEA within three weeks if the case is sent back to the IAEA board”. One Western official said last night: “Spurious suggestions like this don’t help us to move forward. It’s remarkable that Iran is now saying that it could, if it chose, resolve them in a matter of weeks. It only underlines its failure to cooperate fully with the IAEA.”

OK. Let’s clarify a few things here. The IAEA is described as the UN’s nuclear watchdog. The IAEA report was “leaked”? Why Leaked? Who were they hiding it from? What is the UN covering up? Is there something we shouldn’t or don’t yet know about? I don’t think so.

The (latest) deadline for Iran ran out yesterday. Nothing happened. I can imagine the conversation in the hallowed halls of the UN.
“The deadline ran out yesterday.”
“Oh dear. I suggest we hold some further discussion then”.
Why didn’t they have something prepared?

The Iranian ambassador is reiterating his boss, Ahmedinejad’s, rhetoric of “Screw you, we’re not moving”. And they won’t.

My question is, what is the UN going to do now? Another ‘deadline’ dead and gone. Oh well, more sanctions then. That’ll show ’em, in no uncertain terms, that we mean business and we think that they are very naughty. A new deadline perhaps? Shall we say, six months this time? Or ten years?
All the sanctioning and discussion in the world is not going to stop Iran from producing the first Jihadi nuclear bomb. The time has come to make a genuine threat. If they don’t stop, immediately, then we, the western powers that be, should reduce Natanz to a glass ashtray in the desert. Followed closely by Tehran.

Either that, or begin evacuating Haifa now. Followed closely by New York.

Iranian ambassador.

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