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Prepared For.. Well… Anything Really.

Posted by Exile on February 26, 2007

It sounds, to me, like the rattle of sabres and musketry. The business of hindering or helping Iran in the race for atomic destructive power is hotting up. The foreign ministers of seven Islamic countries are expressing deep concern over the present situation and the escalation in the rhetoric and hardening attitudes. That is, of course, the western world’s rhetoric. Not Iran’s. The Pakistani foreign minister says he feels that it is imperative that the situation be solved by diplomatic means rather than military. (I find that a bit strange. I thought the Pakistanis were on our side in the GWOT.) He is obviously afraid of another muslim land getting its backside kicked. He is backed in this by the foreign ministers of Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They all got together over tea and biscuits in the company of the chairman for the Organization of Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, and decided on this unanimous statement of support for Iran. How surprising.

Do none of them know that diplomacy is not even in the dictionary in Iran?

The Iranians are taking the situation seriously too. Our chum Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iran “is moving like a train with no brakes” and that it “cannot be stopped”. His foreign minister, Manoucher Mohammadi, who wasn’t apparently at the meeting with the OIC, says that Iran is “prepared for all possible conflict and every situation,” and that Iran is “prepared for war”.
Well, well. Prepared for war, eh? Ask Saddam about that. Oh, sorry. I forgot.

Prepared for war indeed. That’s fighting talk where I come from!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of our Mahmoud explaining to the UN, just how large he believes his penis to be. Another lie, I’ll wager!

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