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UK to Deport Terror Cleric.

Posted by Exile on February 27, 2007

It would appear that the UK is finally coming to its senses. The courts’ decision to deport the known islamic terrorist cleric, Abu Qatada, a.k.a. Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othmancan, can only be seen as right, proper and justified. Out with him, and slam the door after him. Having already spent the best part of 5 years in prison for his criminal activities, the UK will now deport him to Jordan.
Jordan would like to have him. They have convicted him of terrorist acts too. They want to lock him up. Let them.

But already, the do-gooders have begun the dodge and weave tactics of why the UK shouldn’t deport him. They claim that Abu will be returned to torture and abuse.

Personally, I don’t care. I don’t give a hoot what happens to this piece of Palestinian-Jordanian Islamic nastiness. Let the Jordanians rip him to bits with a can opener if that’s what they want to do. Doesn’t bother me.

The UK has an agreement with Jordan, that anyone deported to that land will not face abuse or mistreatment. It is known as the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and was signed between the UK government and Jordan in 2005. Critics claim the MOU is meaningless, with director of civil rights group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, saying “paper promises” were not enough. “Dodgy little ‘assurances’ from regimes that practise torture convince few outside government,” she said.
Well, sorry Ms. Chakrabarti, it’s good enough for me.
I don’t know how the Jordanians will react to being accused of being “dodgy”, but I’ll bet it won’t be pleasant.

The judgment by Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) chairman Mr Justice Ouseley said members had concluded there was “no real risk of persecution” on his return. Amnesty International UK campaigns director Tim Hancock said the group was “profoundly concerned” Siac had discounted evidence showing the risk of torture if Qatada was returned to Jordan. This included material documenting the “routine infliction of torture on ‘security suspects’ in Jordan…a practice which continues with impunity”.

Once again, I couldn’t care less.

The thing is, that this decision to deport could be the benchmark for other European nations to begin deportations. We need more MOU’s. Even if they are only “paper promises”. Why should we house and shelter terrorists? Return them to the lands from whence they came. They mean us no good, they threaten our lives and well being and, given the chance, they wouldn’t be interested in our civil rights should the situation be reversed. Amnesty International, Liberty, the ACLU and all the other oh-so-self-righteous idiotarian organisations of that ilk would do well to remember that.

One Response to “UK to Deport Terror Cleric.”

  1. Yorkshireminer said

    Five years in prison at 2,000 pounds a week equals 500,000 pounds plus all the extras like lawyers court appearances etc and you can say he has cost the British tax payer a good million pounds, and he would cost the tax payer a hell of a lot more if he was released as one is certain that he wouldn’t work and would live on the dole and the security service would have to tail him to see that he didn’t get up to anymore mischief. Meanwhile back at the ranch to pay for this, old age pensioners are having entitlements cut concerning home care. I used to be proud of my country now I am only disgusted

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