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Divine In(ter)vention.

Posted by Exile on March 2, 2007

Wonders, as they say, never cease. Depending on how good your imagination is, you can find all sorts of amazing things all around you. About a year ago we were all having a giggle over the Allah fish. If you haven’t seen it, then follow the link at the bottom of this page. The latest miracle to appear before us is equally as astounding as I find it amusing. Keep the muslim fish boys, I bring you nothing less than The Virgin Mary on a baking tray.
Yep. A genuine miracle of culinary creation.

Virgin Mary appears on school baking tray.

A metal baking sheet from a Houston elementary school has become an object of veneration for hundreds of Catholics who see an image of the Virgin Mary.
The pan bearing what many believe is a miraculous religious image is now on display in the yard of Sylvia Calderon, a member of the PTA at Pugh Elementary School, the Houston Chronicle reported. Calderon gave the baking sheet a home after officials at the school said they could not accommodate the crowds who wanted to see it.

The baking tray is the one on the left, I believe.

Not quite the Shroud of Turin, but I bet this has got ’em worried at Lourdes. I envisage pilgrims from all over the world making their way to Houston as I write.
I am in no hurry to offend the what must be dozens, if not hundreds, of devout catholics that are are going ga-ga at this wonder of divine art, but I still feel that it borders on the ridiculous. I daresay the Pope has been informed and I would imagine that the cardinals are discussing the future of the baking tray.
There is, perhaps, one good thing about the image. It will probably still be around long after the Allah fish is dead and gone. A steel baking tray is not the kind of thing that will wither and die and rot away to nothing. Our Lord appears to trust a more sturdy background for his images! Let’s just hope that nobody gets the idea to scrub the pan.
How long will it be before the first devotee claims to have been healed by the Holy Pan of Pugh Elementary?

Only time will tell. I wait with baited breath.

This all reminds me of a blank brick wall I saw once. Overnight, the words “Clapton is God” in huge yellow letters miraculously appeared on it. I wrote to my local archbishop, enclosing a picture of the wall, but never got a reply.

It changed me forever. I still believe that God plays a guitar and loves to sing the blues.

Now, pass me a yiddish cookie, please.
One of those with a picture of Moses on the top.

Link: The Allah Fish.

3 Responses to “Divine In(ter)vention.”

  1. Yorkshireminer said

    So it is true God is a Cookie monster

  2. Don said

    Come to http://antidenmark.wordpress.com and find out how to gas those moslem bastards, jews and other minor lifeforms, my son. Lets make an alliance and use Zyklon B to come to zie Endsieg and Blitzkrieg. Hail Hitlaa! And may God bleSS you!

  3. Exile said

    Don’s got a problem!

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