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How Not to Volunteer..!

Posted by Exile on March 2, 2007

You see, dear reader, it all started innocently enough. A simple and polite e-mail from a friend whom I have never met, although we have exchanged pleasantries electronically. A man I respect for both his eloquence, opinions and his humour. I am sure that if we met, we would share a glass of good scotch single malt and be at ease with one another in an instant. The good Baron of GOV fame sent me the following:

The 910 Group is trying to co-ordinate a joint meeting between the anti-jihad people in Britain and their counterparts in Denmark. The meeting may take place….

… and would I be interested in being in on the meet?

Now that sounded too interesting to let pass by without responding. The chance to meet and discuss, with like-minded souls, the business of freedom. Obviously, I had to join the throng. Knowing that the Baron is a man of some competence, I figured he was right on top of the situation and it was all down and dusted. Therefore I answered in the positive and, in retrospect somewhat naively, added;

BTW, if there is anything I can do to help… Don’t hesitate.

Well. I asked for it, didn’t I? Thinking I was in for a free ride. The answer came promptly;

Yes, you are being corralled to take charge of a Danish-language section of the new CVF website, since you have both English and Danish, and also know something about blogging. Stay tuned.

That’s what you get for volunteering… 🙂

Aaargh! Got me good, didn’t he? “You’re nicked, sonny boy!” Caught me by the short and curlies. I almost heard the “Gotcha!” from Virginia across the combined distance of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

Serves me bloody well right.

Oh well. Time to update my “to do” list!

Secretly, I am both honoured and flattered. I look forward to this challenge.
I hope I can live up to it and do it justice.

Link: If you’ve never been there.. Gates of Vienna .. go there now!


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