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Now, This Guy is Good!

Posted by Exile on March 6, 2007

I have just been reading a couple of articles from the New Media Journal.US. In particular, an article from a guy called Lance Thompson had me clapping. He clearly opposes the current MSM in all things and has listed a series of successes scored in the Middle East, Iraq and all points south and east of Mecca. Truly a supporter of the troops on the ground, this man is an inspiration.
I have to say, I approve of the Journal’s avatar logo! No, I didn’t copy it. Here it is:


Anyhow, if you want to see a calendar of the positive events this year up to the end of last month, follow the link below. Read the entire article. I will allow myself one short quote from this man:

[….] Engagements in which hundreds of the enemy are killed, his top leaders killed or captured, his attacks disrupted, his clandestine operations exposed – in other wars, these events would have been called “victories,” and the overall positive results as “progress,” but not in this one.

I hope that whetted your appetites. Go read him.

Link: The New Media Journal.


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