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I Could Be a Dane.

Posted by Exile on March 16, 2007

Yep. I could. I have just taken, and passed, the Danish citizenship test on the internet. I answered all the 40 questions correctly. I know when Denmark won the European Football championship. I know that Niels Bohr was a scientist. The Danish Queen is Margrethe the 2nd. That Denmark said no to the Maastricht agreement. And a wealth of other trivia that I had to wade through in the 8 minutes it took me to answer all forty questions correctly. Citizenship by “Trivial Pursuit”.

I have lived in this country for 24 years. I should know something about this land. I speak, read and write the language to a reasonable degree despite never having been to school here. Actually I could read the language before I even arrived but couldn’t pronounce one word of it. I merely recognised the written word and translated it in my head. It took me 3 months to begin speaking it coherently. 6 months and I was babbling like the proverbial brook. The TV brought me up to speed on society and the discussions in the local pubs, my friends and adopted family completed my education.
I made the effort. And now, after 24 years, I decided to test my knowledge. Successfully. So what else does it take to gain Danish citizenship? Not that I’m going to try, unless the UK goes totally islamic before my days end. It could yet prove useful to have two embassies to go to in a foreign land when out on our travels. Well, here goes; Note: The “wrong” answers are in brackets:

12 mandatory conditions for citizenship in Denmark.

Are you ready to swear an oath of allegiance to Denmark?
(No – forget it!)

Are you willing to give up other citizenship?
(No – forget it!)

Have you passed the Danish language test (3rd or 9th Grade) with a pass result = “6”?
(No – forget it!)

Do you have an open-ended residence permit?
(No – forget it!)

If you are a refugee, have you resided continually in Denmark for at least 8 years?
(No – forget it!)

If you are an immigrant, have you resided continually in Denmark for at least 9 years?
(No – forget it!)

Have you received public welfare payments for more than one year in the past 5 years?
(Yes – forget it!)

Do you owe the public sector (State) money?
(Yes – forget it!)

Have you committed a crime against the security of the State of Denmark? *
(Yes – forget it!)

Have you been sentenced to confinement in prison for 18 months or longer?
(Yes – forget it!)

Have you had Danish citizenship taken from you in the past?
(Yes – forget it!)

Do you have DKK. 2644,00? (1044,00 for the language test – 3rd grade, 1000,00 for application fees, 600 for the citizenship test.)
(No – forget it!)

Applicants must have passed the special citizenship test on Danish society, culture and history. **

Special conditions:

General: There are exceptions from the general demands. e.g. the valid rules concerning nordic citizens and foreign citizens that have been married to a Danish citizen for 1- 3 years.

* Applicants that have committed crimes can in some cases become citizens after a continuation of the probationary period:
Fines incurred over DKK 3000,00 and a sentence for drunk driving postpones the possibility of citizenship for a term of 3 years. A fine for breaking the laws concerning narcotics, regardless of the amount of the fine postpones possibility for 4 years. A sentence of community service postpones possibility for 5 years.
Incarceration up to 6 months postpones possibility for 10 years, 6-12 months postponing for 12 years, 12-18 months postponing for 18 years.
Crimes against the security of the state punished by fine postpones 6 years, prison up to 60 days postpones for 8 years, more than 60 days postpones for 12 years.

** 35 questions from a bank of 200, 5 questions concerning contemporary conditions in society.

Ministry for integration, Retsinfo, Folketinget, Århus language school, http://www.nyidanmark.dk

I didn’t fail on any of these conditions either. Never been nicked, never been punished, never committed a crime threatening Denmark or the security of the state. I did get a parking ticket once and they did catch me speeding a few months back but otherwise, I’m in. I must tell the good lady wife. I’m sure she’ll be impressed.

I wonder, how does all of the above compare to the USA? I may need to move there one day if we don’t succeed in the fight against Islam in Europe! I like to keep my options open. Oh well, at least they speak a kind of English “over there” and I am fairly proficient in the use of firearms, so I suppose that would count in my favour!

2 Responses to “I Could Be a Dane.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    Chances are that the US will fall sooner than Denmark. Just read LGF. Anyway, don’t run, stay and fight.

  2. Mikael said

    And you won’t be fighting alone.
    Didn’t realize you’ve been in Denmark so long. We should make you an honorary Viking!

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