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Sharia Law in Germany.

Posted by Exile on March 22, 2007

A German female judge in Frankfurt has been removed from a case concerning a simple divorce. The woman seeking the divorce had used her Moroccan born husbands mistreatment of her as grounds for divorce. According to German law, violence is grounds for speedy process. According to the judge, the Koran allows the beating of a wife by the husband, and she should have known that before she married the man. Therefore, said the judge, there is no reason for dissolving the marriage. The woman would have to wait for the mandatory year to pass before any divorce could be finalised. The judge also went on to say that both parties had their cultural roots in Morocco, they were both aware of the ruling in the Koran and that “in that culture, it is not unusual for a man to beat his wife”. This was her own fault.

The judge was removed from the case after the German magasine “Der Spiegel” published the story.

Sharia is creeping ever nearer, people.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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