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Let’s Start Fighting Back.

Posted by Exile on March 23, 2007

We are all aware of the need to stop the Islamisation of our various lands. We all know, that the politicians of our time are not going to help us. If they were, they would have done so by now and stopped the desecration of our right to freedom of speech. They would not give in to the pressure from hordes of screaming muslims demanding the beheading of various editors, politicians and writers, nor would they continue the constant apologising for nothing more than trivia.

The question is, how do we fight back? What can we do?

Statistically, and thereby democratically, we are in a stronger position. All we need to do is get organized. No nation in Europe is, as yet, outnumbered by its immigrant population. Which means that the indigenous population is still the larger and more dominant. Therefore we have to use that numerical advantage as best we can, while we still have it.

That alone is our single most effective weapon. How are we to use it?

Our rights are being eroded only because we allow it to happen. We do not complain loudly enough. This has to change. We have to make more noise. We especially have to make more noise than that which the muslim communities in our own countries do.
We must collectively lobby our politicians for active resistance. Every time the muslims begin demanding this or that, simply because of their superstition religion, we must lobby harder for that change not to take place. If they have 5 organisations, we must have 10. If they demonstrate, so must we, twice for their once. We can bombard the do-nothing politicians with e-mail and post. Learn your MP’s address and memorise it. Put them on your mailing list. Encourage others to do the same. Write to these politicians, that you think things to be unaccceptable and demand a response. Start petitioning. Organize the resistance. Start the groups and join whatever local national organisations that exist already. Form new chapters. Increase the numbers.
Only by active lobbying can we make a difference. Writing amongst ourselves is narcissistic and basically only preaching to the choir. We need to get the choir out of the church and on to the street. We are that choir. We ourselves need to get involved. No one else is going to do this for us. And unless we begin to make a very loud and very public noise, the politicians in Europe will slumber peacefully on, oblivious to our opinions and laughing all the way to the bank.
We are their masters. They are elected to serve us. We must tell them what we want. If we do that, loudly, clearly, legally, peacefully and collectively, they have no alternative but to supply it.

We have less than six months left to prepare to put our views forward by demonstration in Brusssels on the 11th of September. I suggest we all get busy.
Let’s start fighting back.


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