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Yay France!

Posted by Exile on March 23, 2007

It isn’t that often that I have anything good to say about the French. Today however, is an absolute exception and they are, for the moment at least, a few notches higher up on my “respectometer”.

The Paris court that was trying the weekly satirical magasine “Charlie Hebdo” for insulting Islam has thrown the case out and thereby acquitted the editor, Phillipe Val of insulting Islam by printing two of the Jyllands Posten “Motoons” and a third, home grown, cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed. The magasine printed the cartoons in february last year and two of the largest muslim organisations in France sued. The courts declared the cartoons as being within the limits of free speech and that they did not constitute an attack on Islam.

I don’t like the term “limits of free speech”. If there are limits on anything, then it is not free. But hey, the judge in France said it, not me. They don’t have free speech in France these days.

This may be a step toward restoring it.

Phillipe Val commented as he left the court, “It is a European victory, that a European court has decided that it is not religious groups or extreme muslim groups that dictate the limits of freedom of speech. This is also good news for secular and democratic muslims in France.”
Of course, had there not been any muslims in France, secular, moderate, democratic or otherwise, then this would never have been an issue. But that’s another story, I suppose.

Jyllands Posten, the Danish newspaper that started all the fuss, called the decision “a resounding victory for the freedom of speech”.

My congratulations to Phillipe Val and to the court. All praise to the judges. You have to be grateful for small victories, resounding or not. This was one.

Vive La France!


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  1. Matt said

    Thanks for this.



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