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Time is Running Out for Mugabe.

Posted by Exile on March 29, 2007

It has taken Mr. Robert Mugabe 27 years to ruin Zimbabwe. After the country was officially made independent in 1980 it has had no other leader. All efforts to organize an opposition have been crushed and the ZANU PF under Mugabe has no immediate plans to let it be formed now.
The country has gone from powerhouse to derelict in those years. From a land that produced an excess of food to a third world banana republic. It’s independence lost to foreign aid. Mugabe has lost it.

The African states surrounding Mugabe’s ruined Zimbabwe have finally had enough of this state of affairs. A summit of 14 southern African countries is being held in Tanzania, with the crisis in Zimbabwe at the top of its agenda. Diplomats say leaders will tell Robert Mugabe that he should not stand for re-election in Zimbabwe next year.
Until now, the African states have continued a policy of non-interference. That means allowing countries to develop at their own pace under their own cogniscance. They call it “Silent Diplomacy”. Not interfering is a good thing, but there comes a point when the overspill of civil unrest and constant upheaval begins to affect ones neighbours. That time has apparently come for Mugabe. There is no doubt that the agricultural demise of Zimbabwe has affected its neighbours that once imported food from Zimbabwe. That no longer takes place and the lack of income has pushed Zimbabwes inflation to over 1700%. Civil war may even be looming in the wings.
The people of Zimbabwe deserve better.
If the countries around them begin to involve themselves now, they might even get it.

I have found a “must read” blog for those interested in what is moving and shaking in Zimbabwe.
Follow this link to the Zimbabwean Pundit. Please, go and read him.


4 Responses to “Time is Running Out for Mugabe.”

  1. kenya77 said

    While the situation in Zimbabwe today is appalling and the actions of president Mugabe are high handed and oppressive the west should shut up and stay away from Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe would have been a democratic and thriving country had it not been for western interference that has given uncle Bob the cover and the excuse to hang on to power .It is western interference in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe that led to the degeneration of Zimbabwe today .Instead of engaging the old leader in a respectful and cordial manner, Gay activist had to try and humiliate Mr Mugabe and the brits failed to fulfil land compensation agreements.Though the problems in Zimbabwe can mainly be traced to Mr Mugabe and his wife the British and Australian governments have played a catalytic role in the spiral of Zimbabwe.1. by their shameless inteferance and neo colonial attitude .2.Compensation that was due in the post independent Zimbabwe to ensure the smooth transition of land from white owners to black Zimbabweans , something that the British can not run away from . Ever so often western countries try to rewrite history in their favor but when it comes to the truth ,the truth never changes .Robert Mugabe must and should do the honorable thing and step down in Zimbabwe when his term is over

    The opposition in Zimbabwe must rid itself of Neo colonial influences and put the well-being of Zimbabwe first above all else .The united kingdom should stay away from African affairs and let Zimbabwe chart her own destiny .Zimbabwe is for all Zimbabweans and the west should not feel that they should have a greater say on zims affairs than even africans .I certainly don’t like what is happening in Zimbabwe but it always raises an eyebrow when as an African i see Britain trying to show more concern for Zimbabwe that even Zimbabweans themselves .Stay away from Zimbabwe !stop giving Mugabe an excuse to run down our brother a Zimbabwe under Mugabe is still far much better than a Zimbabwe under British stooges

  2. Exile said

    Clearly Sir, you have missed my point. I do not say that Zimbabwe under Mugabe is worse or better than it was under the British.
    My point is, that it is truly indefensible with Mugabe at the helm.

    The people of Zimbabwe deserve better.

    Of all those to lead the country, it could be no worse than now.

  3. kenya77 said

    Mugabe is an african hero !Yes he may have messed up but the way foward is not as london or perth wants!
    It is time the brits learn that Africans will never bow down to them .Their attempt to hoodwink africans wont work !Zimbabwe can change but we dont need colonialists tell us how to change .south africa ,kenya zambia etc have changed without the brits so can zim

  4. USpace said

    Mugabe is human garbage! Anyone who supports him supports his murderous ways, and is therefore also garbage. Of course Africa is never at fault for the sh*thole it finds itself in. Rather, it is all the fault of the evil west, and the evil white man; who have given untold billions and billions to African ‘heroes’ like Mugabe who have just stolen it all at the expense of their people.

    They are evil barbarian thugs, to whom of course, the UN never says squat.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t stand against genocide

    you might insult your friends
    upset your luncheon guests

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