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Al-Aqsa Goes Free in Denmark.

Posted by Exile on April 1, 2007

It is not often that I do this, but here is the entire article from the Copenhagen Post concerning the acquittal of a terrorist-related organisation living and working happily and freely in Denmark.

Islamic group acquitted of financing terror.
By The Copenhagen Post.

The president and treasurer for Islamic association Al-Aqsa were found not guilty of sending collected funds to support Hamas’s military operations.

A Copenhagen city court has acquitted two leading members of Islamic group Al-Aqsa of all charges of financing a terrorist group by donating money to the military wing of Hamas under the guise of collecting for charitable causes.

In its ruling Tuesday the court ruled that the evidence against the group’s president and treasurer was insufficient to establish a connection between the funds collected by Al-Aqsa in Denmark and Hamas, the party that currently heads the Palestinian government.

‘The short version is that we did not consider the documentation the prosecution entered which came from Israel,’ judge Anne Birgitte Fisker said.

Prosecutors had attempted to obtain corroborating evidence to support the charges from the Israeli government, which had initially brought the matter to the attention of Danish authorities. Israel did not send the original documents, however, and those presented in court could not be positively verified by an expert witness.

Jens Madsen, director of the police’s Serious Frauds Office, said the ruling will make it difficult to prosecute similar cases in the future.

‘It is simply not possible to get original documents delivered from a foreign country as the court requires.’

For Al-Aqsa members the ruling was a welcome relief. ‘I’ve had my faith in the Danish justice system restored,’ said society president Rachid Mohamad Issa. ‘We have always been convinced that our contributions were being sent to the right places – businesses that are registered and acknowledged by the surrounding communities.’

Issa said Al-Aqsa will now resume its fundraising activities.

Tuesday’s ruling demonstrated the difficulties police have in proving a suspect’s indirect involvement in terrorism – which is precisely the way it should be, according to Jørn Vestergaard, an criminal law expert at the University of Copenhagen.

‘Otherwise the risk of tyranny of opinion and political bias in law enforcement would be much too great. It is the court’s responsibility to demand clear documentation so that the requirement for evidence is not diminished.’

The decision was the third high-profile terrorism trial in recent months in which the majority of those originally charged were later released.

It would appear that the Israelis have shot themselves in the foot. As for Jens Madsen’s complaint: “It is simply not possible to get original documents delivered from a foreign country as the court requires.”, then we must make it so, or accept the copies provided by foreign powers. And then go back to court with the same charges again. I do not agree with Jørn Vestergaard. It should be made easier to prove guilt in these cases, not harder. Allowing necessary documentation from abroad must be included in the global fight against terrorism. Our very existence is at risk if we do not.


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