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Two Bishops and Fifteen Pawns.

Posted by Exile on April 8, 2007

I’ve been deliberately quiet about the Iranian act of war, perpetrated and left unpunished, of two or three weeks ago. I have not commented on the 15 British Navy personnel that were illegally hauled off to Tehran, or their plight as they were forcibly put on show on Al-jazeera and all other arab mouthpiece television stations. But finally, I have to raise the fist of indignation over the response to all this by, of all people, a Church of England bishop with the dubious sounding name of Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester and the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Forces. The Times of London brings us this little snippet:

The bishop [Michael Nazir-Ali] said that, watching the release of the British sailors and marines last week, “I saw on the one hand what Iran was doing, and what the president [of Iran] said had much to do with the moral and spiritual tradition of their country”.

“The president talked about the religious background to the release, with reference to the Prophet’s birthday and the passing over of Christ. What struck me was that if there were any values on the British side they were free-floating and not anchored in a spiritual and moral tradition”.

The religious background to the release is of course not compared to the act of war that preceeded it. Nor is it compared to the consequences for Iran if the prisoners had not been freed. I don’t believe a word of Ahmedinejads “goodwill” speech. He was acting out of fear of reprisal and he knew time was running out. And as to “the moral and spiritual tradition of their country”? Well, please!
But that isn’t my point. This upstart priest should be defrocked, tarred and feathered and run out of town with his bare backside hanging in the breeze.

Another candidate for this treatment is Thomas Burns, the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Forces. In fact, “shot for treason” would be my favourite epitaph for him after reading this comment from him:

Nazir-Ali’s words about Iran were echoed by Thomas Burns, the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Forces, who praised the Iranians’ release of the prisoners. Burns said that, “as the Iranians believed their territorial waters had been violated”, they had chosen to “put their faith into action to resolve the situation”.

“Faith in a forgiving God has been exemplified in action by their good deeds,” he said. “The Iranians offered to release the sailors and marines not just as the result of diplomacy but also as an act of mercy in accordance with their religion.”

And this piece of effluent is the spiritual leader of the serving catholics in the British Armed Forces? Outrageous. Hanging is too good for him. Since when has Allah been a forgiving god? Since when has Islam been a forgiving religion? Is he totally oblivious as to the true nature of Islam? He is a fool to think such.

The fact is, that Iranian waters were not violated. The capture of those 14 men and 1 woman was no more than piracy and, as I stated earlier, an act of war.
Had Margaret Thatcher been at the helm, then Tehran would be a smouldering ruin by now and its president a thing of the past.

These two ecumenical idiots obviously have a problem with their allegiances. I realise that they will put God before country, but putting the actions of a foreign power, acting against their country, before their country is inexcusable.
God had nothing to do with the release of these fifteen soldiers. Nor did some religious revelation. The unspoken threat of annihilation did.

Iran is now demanding some reciprocative act of goodwill. In fact, one Iranian envoy in Great Britain is demanding that The UK says “Thankyou” to Iran for the release of the 15. He is the brother of the General who masterminded the kidnapping.
Pompous egomaniacal twit.

If Iran wants an act of reciprocation then I have a suggestion for Mr. Blair.
Let the Royal Navy, supported by Marines and the SBS take an Iranian battleship. They are experts at the boarding and capture of enemy vessels. Never mind where it was taken, claim it was in Iraqi waters and that they were interfering with international process, i.e. the embargo. Take the entire crew to London and put them on TV, wearing western garb and eating bacon sandwiches. Wait 14 days while making absurd demands and then finally put them on a banana boat to sail home, followed closely by a Royal Navy frigate just to guarantee their safety. Keep the battleship. We could always use it for naval gunnery target practice, just outside Iranian waters. Ask Iran to apologise and say thankyou.

Ask the idiot bishops to comment on that.

Bishop of Rochester.
Iran demands a thankyou.


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