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UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit

Posted by Exile on April 15, 2007

Well, the cat is out of the bag now. The summit yesterday was a first step to coordinating the counter jihad effort in Europe. Others in the circle have blogged the event, probably better than I could, so I will refer to those blogs at the end of this post and will content myself with mere impressions of the day.
The event involved the coming together of many minds. The idea was not to set any vast political agenda or come out with some pompous declaration of intent. No, the summit was a chance to meet and greet and exchange ideas and meaning. Politicians, activists and the bloggers all defining their need for each other and the need for increased coordinated publicity.
It was a contact meet. And it went well. SIOE was launched as a coordinating organ. The Centre for Vigilant Freedom and its role in the anti Jihad was explained. The philosophy and tactics behind the efforts of SIAD was explained. This was the mixing of intent with practise. It will bear fruit later.
Unfortunately two of the main attractions could not be present. Fjordman was notably absent at the meeting but I, and others, were allowed to meet privately with him later. Paul Belien was the victim of circumstance. He was on his way when an accident at the airport in Ostende, resulting in the death of an airport worker, caused a strike by staff there and Paul’s flight was cancelled. Doubly tragic. The loss of a life and the loss of a guest speaker. The best laid plans of mice and men are not infallible! But we carried on regardless.
The effort to set it all up was enormous. I have over six hundred e-mails to vouch for that. The Baron probably has many more. CVF was involved, SIAD was involved, FOMI from Sweden. All the coordination, the individual invitations, the vetting of people, was all done over and through the internet. This is truly a magnificent tool if used properly. This has been an eye-opener for me. I have learned a great deal. It has changed my perception of cyberspace.

So let me briefly sum it all up.

The first of what I hope will be many meetings was held. Organised secretly to avoid disruption, held in a simple restaurant in Copenhagen, attended by representatives of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and not least, the USA. The resistance has taken on a new dimension. Something good happened.

Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna must be feeling quite pleased with his efforts now. And rightly so.

Follow these links to read all about it, there are doubtless others, but these are the ones I found today. More will probably follow:

The Zonka blog
Gates of Vienna


One Response to “UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit”

  1. Zonka said

    Nice report, and I’m glad you got to meet Fjordman, I had hoped to meet him as well… but maybe next time 🙂

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