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Skullduggery Afoot in Swedish Politics.

Posted by Exile on April 18, 2007

This may be of interest to a few of us in the know..

The Swedish party “Sverigedemokraterna”, SD for short, (Swedish Democrats to you and me), are to hold their Annual General Assembly in, wait for it.. Denmark. At least according to the party secretary Björn Söder. Apparently the party is seen as being a tad hostile toward their immigrant population and they haven’t had much luck finding a venue in Sweden. They have been rejected everywhere in Sweden by their would-be (or would-not-be) hosts because of the fear of demonstrations, bomb threats and all manner of similar unpleasantry.

Mr. Söder wasn’t giving much away though. He says the meeting will be held on the 27th to 29th of April, somewhere on Sealland close to Copenhagen. All a bit cloak and dagger, but so was our counter-jihad summit, so I can follow the reasoning. Are we anti-jihadists becoming an underground movement? Seems like it.

Jyllands Posten is quoting Helsingør Dagbladet so I don’t quite know who to give the hat-tip to. But according to what I can find out, Björn Söder claims that they have been helped by a Danish contact in Sweden and that friends in the Danish Peoples Party (DF) are helping them to get accomodation sorted out.
Meanwhile the press contact in the DF offices, Nina Lusty, (yes.. that is her real name!) denies that DF is having anything to do with SD and denies all knowledge of any meeting or collaboration with their nordic cousins. My contact in SD is having a quiet giggle about all this but is keeping quiet too.
Bless him.
I might just keep my beady eye on this little affair. It may prove to be interesting….


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