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Less is More.

Posted by Exile on April 19, 2007

Jyllands Posten carries an article today that will gladden the hearts of many. Vindication is at hand for those of us who say that the social benefits are too high.
According to a recent study by “the highly respected Rockwool Foundation Research Unit” (they said it, I didn’t) the government’s Start Help unemployment assistance program for immigrants has been successful in pushing them into work.
One reason for the program’s success, according to the report, is that unemployment benefits paid out to Start Help recipients – DKK 5638 per month per person – is less than half the normal amount paid out in social benefits. Which is a pretty good incentive to get up off your backside and start earning a living instead of just expecting one.

The employment minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen; “We created Start Help because we could see that it simply didn’t pay for immigrants to find work. I realise there are other barriers for immigrants, such as learning Danish and getting to know Danish society, but we had to address the most serious obstacle first.”

Opposition parties are not convinced the study proves anything at all, pointing out that only 14 percent of immigrants eligible for only Start Help are in jobs, compared with 9 percent of immigrants eligible for full unemployment benefits.

Which is, quite frankly, a load of bull. We have been told again and again by the opposition, read Social Democrats, that we NEED immigrants to bear the workload due to our ageing population, falling birth rates, blah-yak-piffle. And with unemployment at the lowest levels for donkeys years, Danish industry is screaming out for workers. So there really is no reason for all these unemployed immigrants is there? No. There are loads of jobs to be had out there. The high social benefits are merely adding to the problem and devouring my tax money.

Torben Tranæs, head of research for the Rockwell Foundation, confirmed that the program has had a notable effect, but also cautioned reading too much into the results.
“If you look solely at the employment part of the study, then you’d have to say the program is a success. But whether that’s enough to say the new rules are good, that’s a political issue.”

Wrong, Torben. It’s a social issue. And the rules are OK, if you ask me!


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