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Charles Darwin vs. Islam.

Posted by Exile on April 25, 2007

I like Charles Darwin. Both his theory of evolution and his book, “The Origin of Species”, which has always been a favourite of mine. Darwin, in his time and for years after, was severely attacked for his theories on evolution. Despite that, and the efforts of churches and their representatives, his theories are now widely accepted, if not thoroughly documented and taught as the truth about our origins and that of the creatures around us.
Obviously, this couldn’t go on. I mean, it’s not acceptable to some that a god wasn’t involved somewhere along the way. So, for all you Adam and Eve, forbidden apples on forbidden trees and snake in the garden fans out there, here is a ray of hope from Turkey.

A collection of wealthy muslim businessmen are attacking poor old Darwin with a book declaring that Darwinism is the root of all evil and the reason for things like communism, nazism, racism and terrorism. The book, a 765 page long volume is being sent out to schools all over Europe. Whether they want it or not. It is well illustrated, printed on glossy paper, full of pictures and delivered free to all kinds of higher learning establishments. It is called “The Atlas of Creation”, and was written by a nice Turkish muslim chap called Harun Yahya.
The book has been showing up in the post at schools since the summer of last year. It is now showing up in the post for several politicians and scientists.
It declares that Darwinism is also the root of several violent ideologies that have brought catastrophe to the human race in the last 100 years and then goes on to state that Islam is the only way to solve all the crises in the world today.

(If Islam is the only answer, then it must have been a really bloody stupid question to start with.)

The Danish reaction? Well, I read that one high school teacher and her literary team are actually using the book in their classes. It is used to illustrate how sources may be erroneous and not be trusted! But they ask the question, as to why nobody has reacted to this book with disgust. I presume they mean the politicians.

The French were bombarded with this literary surprise as early as February this year. They immediately warned all their schools about the book which was sent out in several thousand examples over ten days to various schools in France.

I can understand the muslim backlash to Darwin. He wrote the truth about evolution. That must be a thorn in the side of a religion which hasn’t evolved one bit since it was created some 1400 years ago. Darwin also noted, that things which do not evolve eventually die off and go extinct. Let us hope that is true of the religion which is now attacking him again.


21 Responses to “Charles Darwin vs. Islam.”

  1. Yorkshireminer said

    It is funny isn’t it when, science rears its head in a society the religious leaders immediately attack it as an heresy. I am surprised it has taken them this long to get around to attacking Darwin. They most likely have never heard of him before. They are an illiterate lot any way I think that out of the I forget how many Billion muslims there are in the world only about 10% could be called literate by Western standards. One of the moon loons in Saudi last year issued a fatwa that the world was flat, and he was one of the more intelligent ones. I remember thinking last year when I was watching all the Danish Flag burning that was all the rage in the Middle East, how many of these goat fuckers know where Denmark was and realized that non of them did, when I saw one of them burning a Swiss flag. If ever there was a good reason for stamping out bestiality in the muslim world there actions showed it then, for they are nothing more than a flock of bleating goats that consume everything in its path.
    Unfortunately this type of religious idiocy is not confined to the followers of the religion of peace. I don’t know if you followed a case in the U.S.A. Last year when group of creationist fundamentalists on the School committee in Dover Pennsylvania tried to get creationism on to the school curriculum by the back door by including a book called the Panda’s Thumb in the biology course. Several parents at the school took them to court. It was quiet notorious, one of Darwin’s great great grandsons was even called as a witness. The parents won by the way. The idea behind the thinking in the Panda’s thumb is that certain features are so complicated that they couldn’t have evolved they had to have a designer. They didn’t mention the God word, just a designer. Nothing more than a reworked version of the Paley’s watch argument.
    It never fails to amaze me how such a mild mannered gentleman, loved by all who knew him, adored by all his children, considerate and kind, should raise such hatred and ire. I also find it ironic that the religious establishment who were so instrumental in thwarting any attempt to honor him during his lifetime, were unable to stop him being buried in Westminster Abbey his coffin being carried by the cream of the scientific world and the pews filled by MP who had the day off in his honor . What makes it more ironic is the fact that he was an atheist.
    What a difference between Darwin’s funeral and Mo’s, fancy moving his bed to one side digging a hole and dropping him in because he was beginning to stink. Then moving the bed back. Mind you that is symbolic for the religion anyway IT STINKS. Nice article by the way.

  2. yeni said

    in response to your comment “I am surprised it has taken them this long to get around to attacking Darwin. They most likely have never heard of him before. They are an illiterate lot any way “

    you must be very ignorant about Turkey. you are underestimating the muslim world and believers. but be careful, while you are wasting your time with such ignorant empty words, those that you underestimate may dominate you and your precious faithless world with the will of Allah. Wait and see.

  3. Yorkshireminer said

    Dear Yeni,
    you said “you must be very ignorant about Turkey” I don’t think so, I have not read as much Turkish history as I would have liked. I think I have read enough to give myself a good basis for making my generalizations. I was always sorry that Kemal Ataturk died in 1938. it would have been far better if he had lived a couple of decades longer and could have finally carried out his reforms instead of leaving them half finished and therefore allowing the Islamic movement to drag it back into the dark ages. Unfortunately he did like his Scotch and his cigarettes. The general comments about the Islamic world being Illiterate and ignorant are not mine, the 10% figure I quoted concerning illiteracy was not a figure I conjured up but a quote from a paper by an Islamic scholar ( Dr. M. I. H. Farooqi, Gen. Secretary, Urdu Scientific Society) another quote of his that you might find interesting is that the combined muslim world prints fewer new books per year than Spain. I think that takes account of why the muslim world has never heard of Darwin until now basically they can’t read and don’t read. We must not forget also the lower IQ of the Muslim world. Many years of testing in different countries has shown that the muslim countries have on the average an IQ of around 90 Saudi Arabia a little lower, could this account for the stupid remark by the Saudi Imman. Blacks score even lower with the African black coming in at 70 while the average American Black coming in at 85. The Asiatics score a respectable 103, while the decedents of pigs and apes the Jews, well at least the Ashkenazim Jew scores a very respectable 112. You don’t have to look very far to see why they lead the world in science. Jew have over the years won 167 Nobel prises the Muslim world 8 and only two of those were in the sciences Chemistry and Nuclear physics. Mind you I don’t think that you can classify that fine Nuclear Physicist Abdus Salam as a muslim , he was a member of the Ahmadi sect, and the Pakistani muslims campaigned and got rid of the word muslim off his grave stone. Ahmed Zewail, who got the Nobel prise for Chemistry might just qualifies as a muslim, none of you Jihad there, but I don’t know, he is always calling on muslims to get off there arses and change. That doesn’t really resonate with what the Immans are saying. You must remember that my comments may be harsh but they are not inaccurate. Honesty expressed by an infidel is not Islamophopbia.
    I thank you kindly for your implied threat that Muslims will inherited the earth and what will happen to me but I don’t think so. Islam will have imploded long before. Nearly all the Muslim counties have growth rates well below the world average, that doesn’t bode well for the future and what growth there is is fueled by the oil money. When oil runs out that will be the end. The most likely scenario will be more violent though and will be played out in the middle east. Everyone who has studied Islam knows that it can’t compromise on anything Islam must destroy Israel they will never allow it to live in peace. One day in the not too distant future if certain forces in the Middle East get nuclear weapons they will try their luck. It is immaterial what happens to Israel. I don’t know if you know about the Samson option. It is the name for the second strike capability of Israel. It is a very impressive strike capability. The Israelis bought three Dolphin class submarines from Germany with enlarged torpedo tubes for launching cruise missiles. They have had nuclear weapons for at least 40 years and will have certainly have miniaturized them to fit into a cruise missile warhead. All of the Arabic capital cities will be in range. They also have an intercontinental ballistic missile capability, they launch there own spy satellites. Even a near miss on Israel will mean that they will react. No self respecting Israeli government could do otherwise, a wounded Israel would be easy prey for countries on it boarders Israel’s response will be to cripple them all, so they can’t take advantage. First an atomic bomb on the Aswan dam will keep Egypt quiet, Damascus will go along with Mecca and Medina. What will you do if you can’t go on the Hadje. It might make you concentrate your mind, but I doubt it. Muslims will react has they have done go on the rampage. Insurrections in the west will be put down with a hard hand no tear gas and rubber bullets, if an inflamed muslim mob leave the self imposed ghettos of London and Amsterdam and go on an infidel killing spree. You would do well to remember that we Infidels are exceptionally efficient at mass murder. You would also do well to remember what Teodor Roosevelt said, speak softly and carry a big stick and the infidels have some very big sticks. America has at this moment three Carrier Battle squadrons stationed off the coast of Iran each with the destructive power equal to the total no of bombs dropped in the Second World War. It might not frighten you safe in the womb of the one true religion knowing from your scriptures that you have right on your side, and you will eventually win, but I would like to point out that from my reading of history that God is usually on the side with the big battalions. I am not anti anything by the way I am just pro reason, I try and use the facts to make my judgments and not rely on the fantastic fairy tales told by a set of holy men who like to walk around in public in ball gowns and party hats. You would do well to do the same.

    Deep regards

    Yorkshire miner

  4. abd said

    My dear friends,
    I was looking over the internet for more information about Islam and Darwinism. I’m a Muslim student living in the USA. Well from what I have read, it seems that you guys have forgotten about the truth behind Islam. Islam is the only religion that allowed its believers to think, research, and work on for the good of humanity not just Muslims. There are a lot of scholars who are Muslims who gave the rise to Medicine, Math, and Science. I don’t have to list their names because its your job as a human to research and look up information about other cultures, religions, and societies. And this helps us not to be ignorant.
    Meanwhile, I would like to introduce you guys to Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, who was a physician, philosopher, and scientist.
    “He authored some 450 books on a wide range of subjects, many of which concentrated on philosophy and medicine. His most famous works are The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine, which was for almost five centuries a standard medical text at many European universities. Avicenna’s medical system was based on that of Galen which he combined with Aristotelian metaphysics as well as traditional Persian and Arab lore.” wikipedia.
    Avicenna is one of thousands of Muslim physicians, philosophers, or scientists.
    Without these scholars there would be no medicine, science, or math. I’m not over exaggerating. But Muslim scholars are the ones who helped the Western civilization rise and become a real civilization.

  5. mchallen said

    “Evolution” the trumped up term for “transmutation”–Liberals of his day pushed Charles into the caper. Dig two layers deep and the theory falls to pieces. Sorry.

    “Science” – the study of. Nothing more, nothing less. Not a god.

    “Islam” – nothing to do with monotheism. Pagan moon worshippers. A political entity that uses the sword. Historically successful against existentialists, science worshippers, and liberals. Very sad.

    I appreciate your thinking, and discussion exile.

  6. Rohin said

    Islam as a suppressive religion based on tyranny and tyrannous capture of others countries is now a threat for europe. Islam is based on the capture of countries by force. In all the history you would see they tyrannously spread their religion in Iran and Khorassan.

  7. Oh really? said

    @ Rohin
    Quote: “Islam as a suppressive religion based on tyranny and tyrannous capture of others countries is now a threat for europe. Islam is based on the capture of countries by force. In all the history you would see they tyrannously spread their religion in Iran and Khorassan.”

    Oh really? Tell me when “islamic force” went to indonesia?? Guess what,there are mostly muslims.

    Yes they are indeed mostly muslims. You don’t suppose that has anything to do with the unrest and national stagnation that is going on there, do you? How they arrived at their present condition is immaterial beyond being a part of Indonesian “evolution”. However, there is no denying, Islam is by nature, invasive.

  8. AJ said

    I absolutely love it when Yorkshireminer talks about literacy levels in the muslim world whilst making the most basic grammatical and spelling errors all the way through his/her post. Not to mention the abundance of factual errors, internal contradictions and flaws in logic. Talk about setting yourself up for a fall. The Brits aint what they used to be. Not that I mind – it just means there is more to go round for the rest of us.

    To a certain extent Yorkshireminer is living proof that Darwin wasn’t quite right – the survival of the fittest doesn’t always bear scrutiny and this is obvious after a night out almost anywhere in the UK or after reading a few rambling, ill-informed posts such as these.

    So I ramble and am ill-informed. Well, I suppose I could throw a few insults as well, but decline to do so. I have allowed this comment to stand not because I feel this commenter adds anything to the debate, but because I applaud open debate. I am convinced Darwin was right. The survival of the fittest does indeed bear scrutiny. We shall see who survives.
    And for future reference, further personal attacks will not be published here. Go after the ball, not the man. If that isn’t possible for you, then don’t come back.

  9. izat said

    Quote: “Islam as a suppressive religion based on tyranny and tyrannous capture of others countries is now a threat for europe. Islam is based on the capture of countries by force. In all the history you would see they tyrannously spread their religion in Iran and Khorassan.”

    based on history hey??? It’s an empire..how else would they make a living if not by expanding their influences….even USA still doing it…in the middle east..poking their nose in every opportunity…by the way, whenever the islamic empire expanded its territory the people involved were never forced to convert to islam… don’t judge a religion by a bunch of its followers… what we actually meant about ignorance is to be ‘in a box’….there’s the internet you people can do research n many other things…please refer from all point of view…not just your view…

    OK.. Name me one country invaded by Islam that isn’t islamic today. There isn’t one.
    And believe me sunshine, I research.
    I corrected your comment for grammar and spelling too. Hope you don’t mind.

    • Karthick said

      Since you asked one country…..i will name one…SPAIN…….read about spain dude….
      bingo….u lost

      U want another one…..my country…..INDIA…400 years it was ruled by mughal emperors…..still not a muslim nation

      U want some more…..please leave a message

    • Abdu Rehman said

      hey.moderator….why are u removing the entries when you see that someones argument is countered?

      I answered Izat ….he wanted one country ….

      I answered spain….Mr Izat…please read about andolesia ,,,bingo…u got it all wrong dude…

      u need another example..take it ….India….ruled by mughal emperors for centuries….stilll a secular country….

      u need more…please leave a message…:-)

      ah…i forgot…u do reseach right…..sorry …..forgot that….:-)

  10. USMAN MEHFOOZ said

    Oh Dear. I suppose I had to attract one of these sooner or later. Draw your own conclusions people. Read and be “enlightened”.
    In the interests of free discussion, I’ll allow this one. Even though I don’t like the preaching or agree with the sentiments, or superstitions, herein expressed. We atheists believe in freedom of expression and belief.
    Unlike Islam.


    Atheists and Darwin.
    Why darwin theory is publicized so much.What it proved is simply “NOTHING”. Its motivates to just nullify religion and nothing else. Apes and men.What a story.
    The biggest flaws in the Thoery of Darwin which of course will never be brought to light.
    1. Every organism has an organism almost similar to it in this world. I am specifically talking about the mental characteristics. Only humans are supreme. If darwin theory would have been correct, apes should have invented the wheel by now. Humans are the image of GOD. As in ISLAM it is clearly told. And creation is inherent to GOD. And to a lower level innovation. Let me see,name one animal doing innovation. Answer is NONE.
    Animals eat, have sex, sleep and die. No morals. Humans are gifted with intelligence. Evolution is not physical but its mental. And its only inherent to Humans.As famous satanist Aliester Crowley said “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. This is the will of animals. This what a group of people want to inculcate in humans. What you want do it, give in to your will, will is law, religion is just a hoax. And they are succeeding in it.

    2. As for chromosomes, the second chromosome of human is overlapping of the two chromosomes of apes.This accounts for 23 pairs of chromosomes in humans and 24 pair of chromosomes in apes. Genetics proved it. Oh guess again, its a theory people. there is no proof whatsoever that 2nd chromosome evolve like this due to evolution. It could be the intelligent design or it could be overlapping. Lets take this for an example in ISLAM we know everything in the universe is in proportion. May be from the start it was like this. ALLAH made us like this.We had 23 chromosomes from the start and GOD divided these chromosomes to different species to give them different characteristics. Lets come to probability. Talking of maths if we hypothetically estimate the probability of over lapping of 2 chromosomes to evolve humans it comes out to be 1/billion species. Why isn’t it 2/billion or 3/billion. Proabilty of an event happening out of billion is not “1” people. Can never be one. Its not evolution its creation masterminded by GOD.

    I will only say this for my atheists fellows. You are accepting Nothingness after death on a mere theory. And this is the biggest fear for you all. When you people die there will be nothing for you. And i hope this happens for all of you after death as a punishment. Whether hell or heaven i can live in either one but can’t live alone in dark all alone!! Kindly accept religion and deny theories which shake your moral foundations. Both can be said as theories, Its upon you which you weigh most. The ape one or the supreme being one.

    And for the people criticizing ISLAM. GET A LIFE. What you don’t know don’t discuss. It is utterly ignorant. Muslims always gave the option of submission to Islam or handing over the state peacefully, fight came the last. Tell me how many countries Britain conquered by force, how many people USA killed on the name of terrorism, both world wars were started by non-muslims. Do some homework before you give such comments.

    ISRAEL opted to take a place in Palestine after world war 2.
    Why in Palestine.
    Why not in Germany, Africa, Asia, even America.

    GOD is with the big battalions. HAHAHAHAHA. Nice one
    I will not comment on it as it is not worth commenting upon.
    As for the record, your beloved Israel had a war with a group of people in 2006. You can see the see the reults of that war and improve our history!!!Sorry it should be REVISE your history.

  11. Brian Knox said

    “Why darwin theory is publicized so much.What it proved is simply “NOTHING”. Its motivates to just nullify religion and nothing else. Apes and men.What a story.”

    So Usman, evolution is simply a story. and your creation story “Allah did it” is even more of a story with zero evidence to back it up. At least there is good fossil, biological and molecular evidence for evolution. You muslims have to have faith in your little fairy tale while us rationalists have evidence and plenty of it.

    Dolts like Harun Yahya have to tell lies and create straw men parodies of evolution to attack because they’re so ignorant of science, that they wouldn’t last two seconds in a debate with a real evolutionary scientist.

    “Tell me how many countries Britain conquered by force, how many people USA killed on the name of terrorism, both world wars were started by non-muslims. Do some homework before you give such comments.”
    Here is your homework Usman:


  12. Usman Mehfooz said


    1. At least my faith gives me a reason to live and do good. Kindly tell me moral rationality comes from what source. Without religion there would be no ethics. Why don’t you marry your own mother, sister. Was this rationality was told to you by Darwin or your religion.
    Your rationale is the only thing separating you from animals. Isn’t this the biggest proof. i have a simple question for you. Go and find out what is the probability of evolution to human state from a bacteria. There will be so many zeroes after a ‘.’ that you cannot even count.
    There are no coincidences of such an enormity.

    2. I have debated alot on DARWIN THEROY. It is still not 100 percent credible yet. Go check out the much debated USA supreme court session of intelligent design vs darwin theory.

    3. Brian atlest read what you reffered. Check your link and see where these incidents occured. A fruit of war against terrorism only for muslim countries.98 perecent of these attacks were on muslims.
    And i don’t consider any one killing an innocent a muslim!

    I again emphasize. Check your facts please.

    3. And now for your reference Brian, here is my little homework:

    Here are some of the achievements of UNCLE SAM

    1940s – nuked Japan.
    Death toll: 145,000 to date in Nagasaki, 250,000 in Hiroshima

    1947-49 – U.S. helps command extreme-right Greece party in Civil War.
    Death toll: about 70,000 contributed by US-backed forces

    1948-54 – CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion in Philippines.
    Death toll: about 11,000

    1950 – Independence movement crushed in Ponce, Puerto Rico
    Death toll: conservative historians estimated about 8,000 peasants

    1950-53 – Korean War
    Death toll: about 1,776,000

    1952 – CIA overthrows Democracy in Iran, installs Shah
    Death toll: about 20,000

    1954 – CIA directs invasion of Guatemala after new Democracy there nationalized U.S.-occupied lands
    Death toll: about 140,000 missing and dead

    1958 – In Lebanon, marine occupation against rebels
    Death toll: about 2,000

    1960-75+ – Vietnam War including Cambodia and Laos
    Death toll: about 4,502,000 including civilians and resulting famines (conservative estimates)

    1961 – Cuba’s Bay of Pigs Invasion fails
    Death toll: about 4,000

    1963 – In Iraq, CIA organizes coup against President and agrees to back formerly exiled Saddam
    Death toll: about 7,000 including civilians

    1964 – In Panama, troops kill protesters against US-owned canal
    Death toll: about 1,000

    1965 – CIA assists Indonesian coup
    Death toll: about 900,000

    1966 – Troops and bombers threaten pro-communist parties in Dominican Republic
    Death toll: about 3,000

    1966-96 – Green berets in Guatemala against rebels, US backs pro-American forces in country until 1996
    Death toll: about 200,000

    1970 – Directs marine invasion of Oman
    Death toll: about 2,000

    1973 – CIA directs coup to oust elected Marxist president in Chile
    Death toll: 30,000… 3,000 later disappeared under US-installed dictator

    1976-92 – CIA assists South-African rebels in Angola
    Death toll: median estimate at 550,000

    1981-90 – CIA directs Contra invasions in Nicaragua
    Death toll: median estimate at 30,000

    1982-84 – Marines expel Lebanese rebels, aided by Israel
    Death toll: 40,000

    1987-88 – US intervenes for Iraq against Iran
    Death toll: about 150,000 during time-frame, 100,000 during Desert Storm, 350,000 from resulting famine

    1989 – US invades to oust CIA-installed Panamanian government gone rouge
    Death toll: 2,000

    1992-94 – US-led occupation of Somalia during civil war
    Death toll: 50,000 in combat, 300,000 by starvation

    2001+ – US Occupies Afghanistan
    Death toll: 120,000 including civilians and combatants and resulting Opium Wars

    2003+ – Iraqi War
    Death toll: 665,000 also by starvation, displacement

    TOTAL: 10,431,000

    And that doesn’t even include POWs and classified information.
    (Whole Research Reference taken from Jenn in anwers.yahoo.com )

  13. soumaka said

    This comment has been deleted. The reason being, that it was no more than a personal attack on a fellow commenter.
    If you feel the need to comment, do it on the basis of the subject matter and leave the name calling out.

    Failing that, I will close this post for comments.

  14. Mounia Gharsalli said

    The Holy Qor’an is everything we need, to conclude that the Darwin theory is not (at all) the right theory. But above all, it will always stay a theorie and it will never become a fact. Thank God (Allah swt)!

    Thouh, there is enough evedince in the Qor’an! Besides that, ”An invitation to the truth” of Harun Yahya will probably open the eyes of those who believe in the Darwin theory.

    P.S. The fossil record provided proves the exact opposite of what the theory suggests.

    Yeah… Right… I don’t subscribe to the god theory either. In fact, all the evidence points the other way.

  15. DEAR ALL


    I hope you don’t mind if I thoroughly disagree with that statement. If Islam is the only answer, then it must have been a bloody stupid question!



      And just why would I wish to do that? Religion, in whatever form, has done more to inhibit development in our world than it ever did good. It certainly has no relevance in terms of evolution.
      Darwin was also aware of this, which caused him to agonise about his publishing his great book in the face of religious persecution.
      My thanks for your commenting here, but if this is the sum total of your input, then no further comment is required.

  16. ashraf ali said

    assalamu alaikum
    please learn about islam. Dont deny it because you dont like the followers. Islam is for the whole of mankind.

    Well sir, at least you are polite.
    Please don’t deny Darwin. That’s for the whole of mankind too.

  17. Anonymous said

    Lol, I like you Exile, I really do.

  18. fatimah said

    well..then..Darwin is an atheist..Islam is the best religion,..believe in God,and he will give you the best..thats all.

    Actually, no. Darwin was a devout and confirmed christian. He wrestled with his religion for years before publishing his book.

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