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US-UK-Scandinavian Summit in the News

Posted by Exile on April 26, 2007

Here is a little extract from a write up by michnews.com following the UK-Scandinavia Summit which was held in Copenhagen on the 14th of this month.US, UK and Scandinav

US, UK and Scandinavian Counter-Jihad Summit
By Heritage New Media
Apr 23, 2007

Fairfax, Virginia, USA: April 23, 2007: Political activists and writers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK and US met on April 14 for the first international Counter-Jihad Summit, at Preben Møller Hansens inn “Den Danske Kro,” and also in separate meetings on April 15. They discussed common problems with the loss of constitutional liberties, individual rights and the rule of law due to Islamist groups who impose sharia laws and jihadist terrorism and criminality.

Read the entire article here.

The movement is growing. No sharia here, thanks.


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