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Copenhagens Grand Mosque.

Posted by Exile on April 27, 2007

Taking us a step further toward the final demise of Copenhagen and the city as we know it, is the newly revealed plan for a huge mosque to be built in the Ørestad region of Denmark. Which is pretty close to where I live. So I ain’t really happy about this. The Copenhagen post has brought this article describing the project, which I see as merely being another part of THE PROJECT.

The Grand Mosque of Copenhagen.
By The Copenhagen Post.
A moderate Muslim foundation and a Danish architect are planning to make Copenhagen’s first mosque one of Europe’s largest.

Construction of Copenhagen’s first mosque moved closer to reality Wednesday after the Tabah Foundation, a moderate Muslim group, approved a design by Danish architect Jan Wenzel to build ‘The Grand Mosque of Copenhagen’. The minaret-less mosque, if approved by the city, would likely be built in the city’s new Ørestad district. According to the design, the mosque itself will have room for 3000 worshippers, while the entire complex will feature a multi-cultural centre, hotel and student housing.

That’s got to cost a lot of money. In fact the estimated cost is DKK 3,2 billion. US readers, divide by about 5.5 to get dollars.
(Hey I’m a writer, not a mathematician – you work it out!)
And just where is the cash coming from?

The money will be raised by the Tabah Foundation, the same organisation that hosted last spring’s ‘Search for Mutual Understanding’ conference in which a group of 60 young Danes met with young Muslims in the United Arab Emirates. Wenzel expected that the backing of the group would ensure that funding came from moderate Sunni and Shiite Muslim groups.

Well, that sounds promising, since they are ripping each others throats out down in sunny Iraq. (Or is that sunni Iraq?) (Ah, who gives a shia?) The architect revealed his grand plan in New York, of all places, which is where he lives and works. He says that he sees his futuristic, crescent-moon shaped mosque as “a way to create understanding”.

Yes. I’ll bet he does. Especially as he will probably make a fortune into the bargain, if it gets built. To me, it looks like a bowl of porridge being slowly tipped over to one side, but I am not an architect either, so you be the judge.

He also claims that the design is so different that it can “break some of the taboos associated with Islam.” Now what taboos would that be? The freedom of religion? Homosexuality? Sharia law? Drawings of the prophet?
This little comment at the end of the article is, to say the least, interesting.

The city has already expressed its willingess to build a mosque in Copenhagen. The council has been informed of Tabah’s interest, but the foundation said it would only request a meeting with city representatives once it had secured sufficient funding.

But I daresay that some fat saudi prince is about to write the cheque.

And the next project for them? Probably not the building of a Christian church in Saudi Arabia. Even if we could find the funds to do it.

Hat tip: Copenhagen Post.


3 Responses to “Copenhagens Grand Mosque.”

  1. skjoldungen said

    To me it looks like one of those fancy, self-cleaning toilet seats.
    Muslims certainly could use some…

  2. annika said

    looks like an egg. a rotten egg

    not good news

  3. reisende2 said

    Reactions are becoming more and more virulent against Islam:
    In order to prevent a Swiss mosque being built, pieces of pork have been scattered or buried in the ground in Switzerland.
    In Spain:

    In France

    A sport getting accrued interest; burning or sullying a koran

    Spreading in Denmark:

    A “euro-regionalist” group, the “Bloc Identitaire” has broadcast the muezzin call to waken up the inhabitants of a neighbourhood of Bordeaux and warn them about the project of a mosque building:

    What is the next solution, keeping in mind a total reasonable agreement on these issues will probably never be reached :
    A right-wing party that prevents Anders Brevik’s tragedies to happen and channels reactions into a peaceful track? Ignoring people’s opinions in the name of superior principles? Increasing campaigns of information
    about Islam?

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