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Naser Khader. Taking the US by Storm.

Posted by Exile on April 27, 2007

Naser Khader is making a name for himself in the US of A. Speaking at a public session in the Hudson Institute in Washington, he caused a lot of excitement amongst both panelists and the audience. Explaining that he felt that the Motoon affair in Denmark had brought the moderate muslims out of their hiding places, he suggested that the US should have their own Motoon-like case to set some precedent in the US. He explained that after the affair in Denmark, the new organisation of Moderate Muslims was created in order to voice the moderate opinion. The organisation has now changed its name and is called “Democratic muslims”.

His direct attacks on the extremists brought applause and laughter from the assembly. This man does not mince his words. He said:

The Muhammed affair woke the moderate muslims in Denmark, and got them to speak out against the extremists. After the affair, there were only three percent among the Danish muslims that supported the radical imams. Fourteen percent support our organisation and the principles behind Democratic Muslims. I would actually recommend a Muhammed affair here.

Khader has given a lot to his cause. Constantly protected by bodyguards in Denmark, he appears to be enjoying his trip to The States. Mixing business with pleasure, he is making new friends and new contacts. So confident is he, that he suggests an international cooperation between groups of democratically minded muslims. And he believes there are many of them to be found.

We, the moderate muslims, must retake Islam. We must stand together against the Islamists. We must activate the passive muslims, but that can only happen if the strongest take the lead. Therefore, we must unite and thereby become strong. We in Denmark would like to invite moderate muslims from all over the world to partake in our mission and create an international organisation.

Amen to that. Could it be that this relatively quiet man, in his modest way, can start the revolution that Islam is so seriously in need of? Someone has to. If it should be him, then I can only applaud him and continue to support him.

Anyone else would recieve my blessing too.

Hat tip. Jyllands Posten. Article in Danish.


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