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Global Yawning.

Posted by Exile on April 28, 2007

I couldn’t help thinking about the weather reports that are circulating around the TV stations. It’s as if they are trying very hard to convince me of something that isn’t really all that worrying. Here are a few examples:

“The expected average temperature for the month (April 2007) is 11.1C, beating the record of 10.6C set in 1865, according to the Central England Temperature (CET) records that date back to 1659.”

Denmark: “April is expected to set the record as the warmest since 1873. Warmer than the 8.4 degrees measured in 1948.”

Germany: “Average temperature of 11.7 degrees beats the old record from 1961. The dryest April since 1901.”

See what I mean? Let’s turn that round.

The temperatures today are slightly higher than the previous highest recorded 1865. 142 years ago. But they didn’t have global warming then, did they?

Denmark is experiencing temperatures slightly above the previous record set in 1873. 134 years ago. But they didn’t have global warming then, did they?

Germany is experiencing the highest temperatures since 1961. 46 years ago. But they didn’t… have…. Oh.

That’s how it is with records. At some point, a new one will be set.

Big deal.


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