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Hey Baby, Get Your Red Dress On..

Posted by Exile on May 5, 2007

It’s not easy being the Iranian Foreign Minister. Manouchehr Mottaki is in Egypt with other representatives of the Arab world and the representatives of the USA to discuss the security situation in Iraq. I’m prepared to bet, that no matter what he says or does, he is under strict instructions not to say or do anything off the record on fear of death. So what do you do when you are invited to dinner with Condoleeza Rice to meet informally? You find any excuse you can to get up and run away.
One of the many articles covering the hasty retreat by Mr. Mottaki is to be found in The Times.

America and Iran continued their uncertain dalliance today, with ambassadorial talks in Egypt undermined by military raids in Baghdad, a cryptic conversation between Condoleezza Rice and her Iranian counterpart and a violinist’s red dress.

Why a red dress, revealing or not, should be a reason to cut and run before the shrimp salad has even hit the tablecloth, is beyond me. Surely world wide security should be a higher cause to stay for, than a violinist in an evening dress is, to run from the conversation. I think it was a case of “any excuse is a good excuse” and allowed the man to get out of meeting Condi. In fact, I think the Iranians are afraid of her. A woman in a powerful position? Not truly Islamic reasoning, now is it?
The confusion is obvious if one reads further:

…. with reports differing as to whether he objected to the seating arrangements or the revealing dress of the violinist who was entertaining the diplomats. “I am not sure which woman he was afraid of: the woman in the red dress or the Secretary of State,” said Sean McCormack, the US State Department spokesman.

Well done Sean. Nothing like scoring cheap points when you can get ’em! I suppose that’s like kicking a field goal in politics.

However, all this is irrelevant if one hasn’t seen the woman in all her revealed glory. How can one draw an opinion if one hasn’t seen the lady in her evening garb, brandishing the violin? Well, I’m not without my contacts. So here she is.

Terrifiying, isn’t she?

Who would you be more afraid of?

Condi, or this babe in a broken burkha?


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