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Naser Khader’s New Alliance.

Posted by Exile on May 7, 2007

Shortly after coming back from a successful visit to the USA, Naser Khader got himself into an arguement with his party boss, Marianne Jelved, and the party spokeswoman spokesthing spokesperson, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, over the wearing of headscarves in parliament. Khader doesn’t approve, the two others do not object. In fact Gerner Nielsen even went on TV wearing one to make her point.
That was the final straw for Khader, who has been planning to set up his own party for some time. He has done so now, with support from a colleague, also from the Social Liberals, Anders Samuelsen, and the now former conservative MP, Gitte Seeberg.
The party was launched this morning and already boasts nearly 1000 members who signed up on the New Alliance website.

New Alliance or not, this is going to be a blow to the Social Liberals, who have been hanging on to the fringe of Danish politics for some years. Personally, I will see this as a blessing. That particular party should have died with the dinosaurs at the end of the communist era in Russia!

The papers are full of speculation as to what this new party will bring to the table.

From the Jyllands Posten’s pendant, the Copenhagen Post:

Neither Khader nor Samuelsen would comment specifically on the reasons for their departure from the Social Liberals, but the rift between Khader and the party’s leadership – in particular party head Marianne Jelved and immigration spokesperson Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen – had been apparent for some time.

That rift began to grow wider last week after Nielsen made a public appearance in a Muslim headscarf. She called the appearance a show of support for Muslim women, but the Syrian-born Khader saw the move as a kowtow to the religion’s conservatives.

So no kowtowing to the islamists amongst us then?

I look forward to that.

The New Alliance website gives sparse details of any political intent but it does mention the reduction of taxation,(Yay!) a viable and humane immigration policy (whatever that may be!) and support for globalisation and the raising of foreign aid.
Seeing themselves as a center party, looking to build bridges between left and right, they claim to be tired of contractual and reactive politics. They intend to take what they believe to be the best of social liberal and social conservative policies with them.

This may be one to watch over the next few weeks. I will try to stay abreast of developments.


2 Responses to “Naser Khader’s New Alliance.”

  1. Yorkshireminer said

    Why? they are all pissing in the same pot.

  2. kepiblanc said

    So, now we have the “Ridicule Left” and the “Ridicule Right”….?

    Naser Khader’s “New Al-Iih-Yanze” is pro-EU(rabia) and attracts all the usual suspects….

    Where’s the difference ?

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