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A Little Less Conversation…

Posted by Exile on May 12, 2007

It isn’t every day that you see someone taking action for something they believe in. It is refreshing when you do.
Take, for example, the little but growing organisation calling itself SIAD, Stop Islamisation of Denmark. Back in February, they went to the Ministry of Justice in Denmark claiming that certain verses in the Koran were incompatible with the Danish constitution and should be removed, or at least, forbidden within the context of the law. The verses incite violent action against Jews, Christians and, in fact, any faith other than Islam. That makes them racist and the preaching of them equally so. A perfectly reasonable arguement if you ask me. We can’t have people declaring death to everybody because they don’t believe in this or that. Unconstitutional or not.
Having had their claims refused once, SIAD repeated the charges on the grounds that the first person to handle the complaint was incompetent in that she had never read the Koran or indeed the Hadith. In fact, she didn’t even know what the Hadith is.
This second complaint wasn’t even looked at. The Ministry for Justice simply referred to its previous response.

So SIAD decided to go one stage further. They are going to sue the state for not upholding the constitution. Which again, seems perfectly reasonable to me. After all, what good is a constitution if you can’t live up to it? Or only wish to defend bits of it, as you feel inclined, and disregard the rest?
So the stage is set for a new Motoon affair, Only this time, it will have legal overtones.

If you should feel the desire to offer some monetary support to SIAD, because this won’t be cheap, then go to the SIOE or SIAD website and see how you can donate to their newly created bank account. I hear they are working on Paypal too.

Warriors need a war chest.

SIAD (Danish site)


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