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Extremists to the Right of Me, Activists to the Left..

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2007

When is an extremist not an extremist? Answer: The extreme left wing thugs, vandals, hooligans, louts and stone and bottle throwing miscreants are not “left wing extremists”. They are “activists”. Anyone who doesn’t support them is “right wing extremist”. At least, according to the Danish press they are.
Here’s a ‘for instance’ for you.
During the weekend, “Anti-jihad”, a non-political organisation protesting about the degradation of society by the activities of immigrant gangs, held a small but peaceful demonstration in Aalborg in Denmark. They turned up, delivered their message, and then went peacefully home again.
The police, acting properly, arrested and detained about 40 people who were invited to disrupt the demonstration by the extreme left wing “Enhedslisten” party.
Since the demo was legal, any disruption would have been illegal. The press in its infinite wisdom descibes the demonstrators as “right wing extremists”. No mention of the hired left wing thugs who were invited there for a punch-up.

The following day, the squatter colony, Christiania, in Copenhagen was the centre of rioting and carbeque parties. Note the description given of the perpetrators:

Rioting at Christiania follows demolition
By The Copenhagen Post
Copenhagen squatter colony Christiania erupted into violence after the government began demolishing a condemnedbuilding

Copenhagen police have arrested 59 people in the wake of protests against an unannounced demolition of an abandon building in the squatter colony Christiania.

Vandalism and the setting of bonfires began Monday immediately after the police demolition team began tearing down the building. The disturbances continued throughout the night, escalating at around midnight, when some 300 activists began burning garbage bins and built barricades in the streets near the colony’s entrance.

Rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails were thrown at police, who replied by using tear gas to disperse the crowd. Six of those arrested during the rioting were charged with assaulting police officers.

It is noteworthy, that the “activists” that burned cars and vandalised Copenhagen, that threw cobblestones, bottles and molotov cocktails at the police, are from the same crowd who tried to disrupt the peaceful demonstration in Aalborg.

Left wing extremists? Unheard of.

A fair and unbiased press? Equally so.

Just who do they think they are kidding?


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  1. WomanHonorThyself said

    Not us ..thats for sure!..great read!

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