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Yay Indonesia!

Posted by Exile on June 12, 2007

Indonesian police have caught their “most wanted” man, Abu Dujana, leader of the terrorist network Jemaah Islamiah. This is the animal behind the Bali bombing in 2002 that caused the deaths of 200 people. The arrest has been confirmed by a member of the Indonesian anti-terror corps. He was one of several terrorists arrested in multiple raids carried out over the entire country. Abu Dujana’s first lieutenant is also reported captured and was apparently shot in the thigh during the arrest.

Let’s see if they can convict these two. The Indonesians aren’t too good at that.

Check the guy out at the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

One Response to “Yay Indonesia!”

  1. Anon said

    Al Faruq, alleged Bali Bomb mastermind, reportedly worked for the CIA. Most ‘Moslem militant’ organisations, such as Laskar Jihad or Jemaah Islamiah, are run by the security services.

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