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The Palestinian Civil War.

Posted by Exile on June 16, 2007

Let’s call things by their proper name. Gaza has just witnessed a civil war. Hamas is now in control of the Gaza strip and will doubtlessly convert it into a weapons cache for later use by Al-queda terrorists to attack Israel. Funded and fed by Iran and China, Gaza is ripe for the onslaught to follow. I wonder if the remaining bits on the west bank will experience the same fate? With Fatah folk fleeing to Egypt, they will have to travel a bit to reach the comparative safety of what is left of their safe haven.
I find it all a tad tiring. And isn’t it amazing how many weapons there are in what the press calls a refugee camp? Refugee camp, my ass. It has never been a refugee camp. Never was, never will be. You can’t be a refugee for sixty years. No matter where you live.
The good thing about all this is that all Hamas’ firepower seems to be concentrated now in Gaza. If the Israelis had ever wanted Gaza on a silver plate, they have it now. A quick invasion to “rescue” the strip from Islamic terrorists and free the Poor Palestinians would maybe not be seen to be so evil as some might think. I think Abbas would welcome it. And the Arab league probably wouldn’t object either. They are equally as worried about the state of affairs in Gaza as anybody else.
I doubt that the Israelis will do anything. Why should they? While the two factions of the Poor Palestinian People are fighting amongst themselves, they are not attacking Israel. They will soon, but noone sems to be concerned about that at the moment. But Israel will do nothing preemptive. The UN wouldn’t stomach it and any moves by Israel, no matter how one imagines it being done, will be immediately met by edicts of condemnation of Israeli aggression.
One can only hope that the civil war will continue until they, the Poor Peace Loving Palestinians, have annihilated each other. At least, the homicidally insane amongst them. That would be an end to the Palestinian problem and the beginning of a new peace in the Middle East. After all, if there are no more war mongering Poor Palestinians left standing, who would there be for Israel to oppress? Poor Palestinian neighbours? Their lives would only improve under Israeli protection.

Not that I see Israel doing much oppressing.

The Palestinian Islamists are much better, and apparently much more effective, at doing that for themselves. After all, they have had sixty years practice.

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